Farquar Lake Residence by ALTUS Architecture + Design in Minnesota, USA

Project: Farquar Lake Residence
Architects: ALTUS Architecture + Design
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Area: 3,360 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of ALTUS Architecture + Design

Farquar Lake Residence by ALTUS Architecture + Design

The Farquar Lake Residence is a luxurious modern residence located in St. Paul, Minnesota. It creates 3,360 square feet of space amidst a beautiful, lush forest. The design of this home aims to make the most of its beautiful natural surroundings so there are plenty of windows that paint the views inside. It was designed by ALTUS Architecture + Designa studio you’ve probably heard of as we’ve already showcased two of their projects: the Lake Waconia House and the Woodland House.

The open, permeable design of this house results from the client’s active lifestyle and desire for connectivity to the site from all spaces. Designed for a narrow, wooded, pie-shaped lakefront site, this young family sought to develop outdoor play and garden spaces while celebrating views of the lake. The concept organizes the public and private spaces into two separate wood-clad forms connected by a glass-enclosed breezeway and screen porch.

The breezeway becomes an open access between the car court and lakeside yard, allowing a flow of air and activity through the center of the house toward the lake.

This indoor/outdoor connection is reinforced by the continuous bluestone paving, linking front and back spaces. The wood-clad wings of the house sit on a bluestone “outcropping”, which extends the natural entry grade, grounding the house. A series of bluestone monolith steps extend from the lakeside terrace toward the shore. A folded, dark metal plane wraps the wood wings as walls and roof, creating a sculptural cap of the house.

On the west edge of the house, the metal wall is punctuated by dynamic window placement, allowing light in while screening views of the neighbors. Dramatic floor to ceiling windows in the living/dining spaces and master bedroom draw in views of the site and lake, and provide north light. The house engages the site during all seasons and was constructed for $200 per square foot.

ALTUS Architecture + Design


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