Fantastic ideas for the kitchen-living room area

What are the advantages of a kitchen-living room? Firstly, one large room instead of two small ones give more space and light. Secondly, it becomes possible to do several things at once: cook and communicate with guests, look after the children, and wait until the soup is cooked in a comfortable sofa with a book. Combining two rooms, we get a spacious, bright, and modern space. What about the cons? Is that the smell of food, which is successfully eliminated by a good hood?

The main “trick” in the design of the kitchen-living room is competent zoning. And how to use it in the kitchen-living room, consider the examples from our article.

Sofa zoning

Leave the arrangement of furniture around the perimeter of the room in the 20th century. Blocking every square centimeter of the wall with a sofa or wardrobe, deprive the design of dynamism. To correctly separate the living area from the kitchen, you can put the sofa in the center of the room with its back to the kitchen set. So, sitting on the sofa, you will only see what belongs to the living room. This technique does not violate a single space and leaves a lot of light and airiness in the perception of the room.

Remember the series “Friends”? The same technique was used there with the unfolded sofa: the kitchen is against one wall, and the sofa looks at the other. Each person can do their own thing, while everyone will be together.


The classic of zoning is the installation of a partition. It can be a solid wall of drywall or brick. Lighter transparent structures are made of wood, glass, or metal. The project in the photo above created a combined partition, in which the wooden beams echo the wooden dining table, unifying the design of the room in style and color.

A solid partition can perform two functions at once if you place shelves for storage β€œinside it”. The advantage of such a partition is that it can be of any size and shape, as it is created individually from scratch. Minus – during the next repair, it is more difficult to dismantle the partition than just move the rack.


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