Extension in Isla Maipo by Pedro Ruiz + Benjamín Smart in Chile

Project: Extension in Isla Maipo
Pedro Ruiz + Benjamín Smart
Isla De Maipo, Chile
861 sf
Year: 2019
Photographs by:
Marcos Zegers

Extension in Isla Maipo by Pedro Ruiz + Benjamín Smart

Pedro Ruiz + Benjamín Smart have completed an extension project in Chile’s Isla Maipo. The project consists of the construction of a terrace in an indoor-outdoor space of a compact modern dwelling. The design perfectly combines with the existing building, appearing as if it had been there from the very beginning.

The project consists of an extension of a terrace in an indoor-outdoor space of a house ubicated at Isla Maipo in Chile. The spot tries to look like the outdoor garden but must also be closed to provide shelter in winter. The place had contemplated a living and dining room that holds an existing barbecue.

The design uses and replicates existing elements of the house. In the first place, a steel structure helps to build the horizontality of the house. The height difference between this piece and the roof, makes an interior skylight that provides natural light to the interior spaces. The entrance hall of the house reattaches in a planter that divides the house in shared and private spaces. This element has been extended to join the garden and the new living room.

Wooden lattices were another important component of the house. These were used to top off the project, making a floating body that contemplates a green area that opens into the dining room. In order of the same construction system, a curtain wall slides the complete extension of the project, controlling day radiation sun. Meanwhile a sliding windows system works to enable the full project into the garden, so it is possible to be used in winter gatherings.

-Pedro Ruiz + Benjamín Smart


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