Examples of the perfect layout of an office under a staircase

Where to set up an office if there is not enough space at home? There is only one answer to this recurring question in the democratization of teleworking: in a clever corner such as the space available under a staircase. This convenient and discreet location is ideal for people who need an office space without the ability or desire to set up that workspace in a dedicated space. By arranging an office under the stairs, you kill two birds with one stone: you optimize the space with ingenuity with the key to a teleworking corner and a definitively decorated corner.

A simple worktop with a few visible shelves, an office space hidden in a sliding wardrobe, and a large, slim shelf: discovers the different ways to compose a workspace that is as functional as it is decorative!

Arrange an office area under the stairs in the living room

Optimized space is the keyword for this office space available in the living room. These bespoke office spaces blend in perfectly with the decor. This desk, made by the VBA agency, is carefully positioned under the stairs thanks to a large worktop in glued oak. To create a balanced whole between the wall sections that frame the beautiful fireplace, a series of shelves are positioned in the continuity of the lower tiers. Very contemporary built-in wardrobes that go beautifully with a light wood worktop. Conclusion: A workplace that has it all!

Install an office library under the stairs

Bespoke joinery is one of the most important ways to create space-saving home offices. The proof of this realization is signed by Leroy Merlin where the office corner is grafted to the structure of the straight staircase. Better yet, it’s an office library that dresses up the bottom of the staircase but also its entire height. Entirely transparent and with sensible niches, this unique block forms an original workspace based on inventiveness. A method ideal for a creative office area!

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Author: Renata Kralevska


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