Essentials for a Minimalist Nursery

The child’s room … It is an extra place in my opinion because it is a space in the house that must both be fun but also conducive to sleep. There is both a sleeping area, a storage space (for clothes but also toys), a workspace (for older children), a play area … In short, it can quickly be the mess, and making it all minimal can seem complicated. And yet… Little by little it is possible to declutter and make this place of life/sleep more refined. Find out what are the essential actions to create a minimalist bedroom for your child.


It is not quite a question of taking out the 200L garbage bags on a Saturday morning and filling them with whatever is leftover. It is true that it would be faster, but the mess will undoubtedly return. We will rather think about practicality even if this transformation takes place less quickly. The process will also have a better chance of being sustainable.

  • Clothes that are too small have no place in the bedroom, especially if you have little space! If you find that the bottom of a pair of pants is 10 balls missing, wash it and don’t put it away with the rest of your child’s clothes. Provide a crate for clothes that are too small and for sale second-hand. (Crate that will find its place in the laundry room or in a closet.) As with a capsule wardrobe, take advantage of the change of season to sort through your children’s clothes.
  • Toys that are not needed – in a gift box or for sale. While as an adult we think one can be emotionally attached to many objects, we don’t think that is the case with children, unless it’s the cuddly toy. So we put aside what hangs us on the object, if the children no longer play with it, it’s time to declutter.
  • “Museum” toys are, for example, Lego in a castle or the Barbie house. Basically these are toys that are prettier than made to play. In absolute terms, we do not see the problem of this type of toy as a decoration, but always sparingly. (So ​​as not to transform your cherub’s room into an annex of Jouet Club!)
  • Broken toys = trash.


We have already had the opportunity to tell you about the capsule wardrobe … It’s great when you’re an adult. For children, it’s a little different because they grow up and don’t wait for the seasons to gain 20 cm. It’s more insidious, and pants that fit last week may be too short the next week. So obviously having a wardrobe frozen for 3 months for a kid is a bad idea. On the other hand, we can limit ourselves to the number of clothes. We’re not going to tell you that you need 3 t-shirts, 2 sweaters, 25 pairs of pants … It’s absurd. It depends on your child’s ability to get dirty. It depends on your motivation to do laundry regularly. In short, before you embark on the reorganization of your cherub’s wardrobe, you will have to think about your current habits and what you can modify to simplify this pole. However, we would like to draw your attention to one point: Reducing the number of clothes does not mean you have to become a slave to the washing machine. Do you see it?


As with the other rooms in the house, we will avoid transforming the bedroom into a Disney annex. White is often used in minimalist spaces. It’s bright and no fuss. It’s also easy to accessorize it without doing too much to make the room cozy. You can also go with a soft color, such as powdery or pastels. Natural wood is ideal for decorating in all sobriety. We can, therefore, have a wooden bed or cradle, as well as storage space. What is also interesting about wood is that it is timeless so it can grow with your child without worry. (It’s easier than a princess bedroom!) To end this part, we would like to remind you that being minimalist does not mean refusing block decoration. It is to go there sparingly. We can still find decorative elements in your child’s room, such as frames with illustrations. It is not incompatible. The key is not to overload space. A sleek bedroom promotes sleep, whether you are a child or an adult!



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