Essentials For a Colorful Summery Table

The summer ritornello calls for particular care given to the pleasures of the table. Indoors or outdoors, the summer table displays colourful desires. Surfing on the decorative trends of the moment, in love with delicious pastels as well as more lively shades, summer tables offer a myriad of decorative pieces, preferably coloured, coloured!  In addition to assumed colours, these pieces draw an exquisite singularity, revealed by inventive creators and eager to renew the field of tableware.

A colourful and friendly table for the summer

Needless to say, how much the art of the table has aroused great enthusiasm in recent years. Forced to cook at home for long months of confinement, the French have (re)learned to cherish the pleasures of the table, to taste as well as to create. Specialized brands, passionate ceramists, and visionary creators, all today influence the charms of a new table, uninhibited and colourful.

More shimmering, even colourful colourful summer table (as a priority) dares to mix & match, patterns and colours that bring life and originality to the heart of a convivial moment. Like the season, the summer table gets rid with a certain displayed pleasure of the dusty rules of the type “three colours no more”, “watch out for the excess of patterns”, “no placemat in addition to a tablecloth  ”… Doing as you please on the table side seems to be the watchword of the moment!

Discover in pictures our selection of completely coloured objects for a unique table.










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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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