Essential Tips On How To Decorate A Unicorn Room

Magic and fantasy are the themes of this post. And do you know why? Today we’re going to talk about the unicorn room. This is one of the current decorative trends and anyone who has a young daughter at home knows it. These enchanted creatures are everywhere, from school supplies to birthday parties, passing through the decoration of course.

So stay here with us and follow the tips to discover how to make a unicorn room worthy of an enchanted world.

Unicorn Room Decor: Tips and How-To

Punctual or total decoration?

How much are you willing to invest in the fourth unicorn? This question is not for nothing. That’s because there are two basic ways to make this transformation. The first is opting for a complete decoration, including furniture designed in the theme, usually bringing details and colors linked to the universe of unicorns.

The second, simpler, and more economical option is to invest in punctual decoration. That is, you add specific objects to bring the theme into the room. Here, only the replacement of bedding, curtains, and other inexpensive accessories enter. Which one is the best choice? It all depends on your budget. The first is more expensive, while the second is cheaper. However, it is worth noting that children grow up fast and, as a result, tastes and preferences also change.

Therefore, it may not be a good idea to make a high investment in furniture and other costly elements to enjoy for a short time. The tip, in this case, is to bet on a neutral base decoration, with furniture that can accompany the child’s growth and place the theme only in specific objects that can be easily exchanged.

But, remembering, this decision is always up to you.

Decorate the walls

Walls are an important part of any decor and would be no different with the unicorn bedroom.

In this theme, you can explore coverings that are easy to install and maintain, such as wallpaper or fabric. You can use a unicorn print or something more neutral that still fits the theme, like a geometric Chevron or polka dot print. Painting the walls is another interesting decoration option. Choose a wall to apply a color that is within the theme’s palette, or bet on the half wall, a modern trend that also fits well with the unicorn theme.

In addition to coverings, you can choose to decorate the walls with stickers and frames that reflect your chosen theme.


Lighting is the icing on the cake of any decor. But in the unicorn room decoration, it can become even more special, as it is possible to play with different shades of lights.

You can use lampshades with colored LED lamps, for example. But if you prefer something more neutral and traditional, invest in ceiling spots to make the room cozier. The yellowish lights, in this case, are the most indicated.

Let the child participate

There is nothing fairer than inviting the child (future resident of the unicorn room) to participate in the planning and decorating process of the room. Explain to her what can be done based on her budget and always ask her opinion regarding the use of colors or the choice of the trousseau, for example.

Security is essential

Regardless of the theme chosen for decoration, parents should never neglect safety inside the room. This includes the use of furniture with rounded corners, window protection screens, non-slip mats, and, depending on the child’s size, also use protection in outlets and do not use objects with small parts that can be easily swallowed.

Check out these 9 beautiful unicorn room pictures below to inspire your own design.


















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