Essential Tips How To Make Tidy Bed

Making a bed every day goes far beyond making your room more beautiful. This daily habit can do a damned good for your mental health.

A study released by the American institution National Sleep Foundation, which specializes in sleep studies, demonstrated in a test that people who make a habit of making a bed daily can sleep better, reducing problems with insomnia, for example.

As for the American navy writer and admiral Willian H. McCraven, the habit of making a bed is so important that it even yielded a book.

About the title ” Make your bed – Little habits that can change your life – and maybe the world”, McCraven says that this simple attitude can bring more optimism and confidence in life.

This is because, according to the admiral, the feeling of starting the day with one task (however simple) inspires the accomplishment of others.

What you need to make the bed

  • Bedsheet set (elastic sheet, cover sheet, and pillowcase)
  • Bedspread, bed covers, or duvet
  • Decorative blanket
  • Pillows
  • Pillow Case

Step 1: Start by stretching the bottom sheet (the one with elastic). It needs to be very smooth and stuck under the mattress.

Step 2: Now stretch the top sheet used to cover. He must keep the trim even on both sides of the bed.

Step 3: Cover a bed cover, quilt, blanket, or duvet over the sheet. This is the piece responsible for creating volume in the tidy bed.

Step 4: Fold the bed covers or other pieces you want to use together with the sheet underneath.

Step 5: Time to place the pillows. The tip is to use four pillows: two decorative and the two used for sleeping, in the case of a double bed.

Step 6: Complete the bed with some pillows, but don’t overdo it. About two or three of different sizes and shapes is already pretty cool.

Step 7: Roll out a blanket at the bottom of the bed. This piece is known as Pereira, it is not mandatory, but it is undoubtedly a differential.

Ready! Your bed is made and beautiful to spend the day with.

What do you think now of falling in love with the ideas of a tidy bed that we brought? 10 inspirations will leave you in love, check it out.












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