Entrance Sideboard That Will Add To The Hall

The sideboard is for the entrance hall, just as the cheese is for the guava paste and the rice for the beans. A duo that always works, is beautiful, versatile and a hand in the wheel in everyday life. 

And if you are also thinking about having a sideboard for the entrance hall in your house, keep following the post to see all the tips and ideas that we have separated. 

3 reasons to have a sideboard for the entrance hall

Functionality and practicality

A sideboard in the entrance hall is not just a piece of furniture. It brings practicality to everyday life. And do you know why? The entrance hall sideboard is that piece of furniture strategically positioned to help you when you leave or get home. 

It is possible to leave keys, correspondence and documents on it. Not to mention that models with a mirror still contribute to giving that last check on the look.  The sideboard is even more functional when it comes with hooks, where you can put bags and coats, for example.

Following this idea, the sideboard can also function as a shoe rack, preventing people from entering the house with dirty shoes.

Adds value to the decor

The entrance hall sideboard fulfils a super important function in decoration. It fills empty and underused spaces, bringing beauty and complementing the decorative style of the house. 

The entrance hall sideboard is still a great way to welcome visitors with charm, elegance and, of course, the personality of the residents. 

Variety of options

As if all the practicality and charm that the sideboard has to bring the decoration were not enough, this small piece of furniture still guarantees a lot of versatility in use. That’s because there are hundreds of dozens of models to choose from, ranging from the smallest and simplest to the most classic, as well as planned versions. 

All this variety makes the entryway sideboard fit perfectly with any type of decor you can imagine. 

Check out the 9 entryway sideboard models now and get inspired before choosing yours:











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