Enhance Your Sleep Environment with the Perfect Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom curtains ensure a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere, in addition to framing the space and taking care of the privacy of this most intimate environment in the house.

Choosing a curtain for your bedroom is not one of the easiest tasks, as there are many options for fabric, finishing, and other details that, if strategically thought out, can give a much more than decorative effect to your environment. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your project simpler, without worries or surprises.

Possible types of colors and textures

Keep in mind that neutral colors give more freedom to decorate a more colorful setting, while brighter and more colorful tones help to give more joy and personality to the environment. It is important to note that darker and more intense tones tend to fade with sunlight as time passes, so you should also consider the intensity of light entering the room when deciding on curtain colors.

Heavier fabrics with overlaps are ideal for the colder season, as they help to warm up the environments, in addition to reducing the feeling of “emptiness” in the environment that sometimes happens during the cold.

In the case of choosing thicker fabrics or fabrics with prints, the tip is to value the neutral background and leave them only as a shawl. Thus, the highlight of the color or print is only for more specific details, keeping the curtain in harmony with the environment with a lighter decoration.

Main types of curtain

  • Blinds: a type of practical curtain that allows greater control of the light that enters the environment. The two most used types of blinds are the roller blind, which is a type of blind made with fabric that is rolled up when shrunk, and the Roman blind, which is composed of blades and is found mainly in PVC, wood, bamboo, and aluminum.
  • Blackout: This type of curtain is made with a thicker material and has the function of blocking the entry of light, in addition to increasing the acoustic insulation of the environment. When used in the bedroom, the blackout curtain is ideal for increasing the quality of sleep, as it ensures that the “darkness” lasts until waking up. In the past, many people were bothered by the “plasticized” effect of the fabric of this curtain, but nowadays there are several options for blackout curtains with lighter fabrics and in different colors.
  • Voile curtain: This is the classic curtain model, which can be used either alone or in conjunction with some type of lining and/or a thicker covering. Its texture can inspire refinement and simplicity in the same environment.
  • Twill, velvet, linen or shantung curtains: Thicker fabrics are highly recommended for bedrooms as they increase the feeling of coziness, in addition, you can choose from several texture effects found in each one of them.

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