En Suite, Large, Mini Bathroom Looks For You To Get Inspired

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, we bring you a wide range of practical, modern, and stylish projects. Attentive to its coatings, its furniture, and its tones to bring them up to date.

Open and with backlit mirrors

Another example of an en-suite bathroom, this time signed by Javier Merediz. The interior designer proposes to integrate it with a simple lattice made with wooden slats. The super detail? The round mirrors with perimeter taillights, very trendy. This is how he manages to give warmth to this bathroom decorated in gray.

With golden touches

Do you want to give your bathroom an extra light? Choose light tones and put some golden details on taps, lamps, mirror frames, accessories… This is what interior designers have done: opt for white and sand tones and choose metal wall lights and knobs.

Microcement, the material on the rise

Do you dream of having a spa at home? This recessed walk-in bathtub with step access looks more like a mini pool. Its success, in addition to its design, lies in the material from which it is made: micro cement, like the wall tiles, which gives this bathroom visual uniformity .

Screens with almost invisible profiles

If you want your bathroom to be up-to-date, install a shower with a minimal profile, which expands the space, or black,Β  more stylish, and decorative. In this bathroom with marbled cladding, the interior designer has opted for an almost minimalist screen, with recessed taps and heated towel rail inside.

A bathroom with a luxurious countertop

Neither dark nor light, in a medium tone, veined and with all the elegance of Italian marble; this is the countertop of this bathroom designed by Sylvia Preslar. “With her as the protagonist, we were giving color to the rest of the room,” says the interior designer. The custom-made black and white washbasin cabinet, the soft gray painted walls, and the built-in taps and mirrors framed in black find the perfect balance in the warm wood of the painting.

A warm wood-paneled bathroom

If you like those Finnish sauna-like bathrooms covered with wood on all four sides, you will love this one in the picture. It has been completely lined with slats and instead of placing a washbasin cabinet, two matching suspended tables have been placed, with their respective freestanding sinks. Remember that the use of wood in humid areas such as the bathroom requires special treatment. A wall-to-wall mirror completes your warm dΓ©cor.

With a lot of charm

The retro design of the Victorian freestanding bathtub and the structure of the washbasin make this bathroom dominated by white the best example of vintage style. The moldings on the wall, the sconces, and the teardrop lamp enhance it even more. An open shelf is perfect for storing towels, baskets, and even mini plants!

Marble, glass, and wood: a trio of aces

The natural light that enters through the window of this elongated bathroom is multiplied everywhere. And all thanks to the correct choice of materials that Γ€bag Studio has made: the white marble with small gray veins that covers the floor, the walls and the worktop; the glass, without profiles or frames, of screens and mirrors and the wood of the flown drawers under the sinks.

Contrast of styles

The most modern, with the original asymmetric flown basin and the sculptural bathtub, and the most traditional, with the hydraulic flooring and the vintage lamp.

A very zen bathroom

Β The Japanese wallpaper in a sand tone that covers the walls gives character to this spacious and cozy bathroom.


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