Elevate Your Bedroom Decor with Beautifully Crafted Wooden Shelves

Functional, beautiful, and very cheap, the wooden shelf for the bedroom should be on the list of essential elements for decorating the environment. In addition to beautifying the room, the wooden shelf has the great advantage of keeping everything clearly arranged and ready to hand. Not to mention that the shelf is a great ally for small spaces because it verticalizes decoration and organization, saving floor space that can be used for other things.

But if you’re in doubt about how to use this piece or want to figure out how to make a wooden shelf for your bedroom, don’t worry. We brought all of these right here in this post, so get ready to read all the tips.

Tips for choosing the right wooden shelf

1. Size and functionality

Do we start at the beginning? Then measure the place where you want to install the shelf. So easy. With the measurements in hand, it’s easier to determine the size of each piece, and especially the depth.

If the location is a passageway in the room, prefer narrower shelves so you don’t run the risk of hitting your head.

Adjust the shelf size according to what you want to store and organize. When dealing with books, you should measure the largest book (in depth) to determine shelf size.
As for offal in general, you can be guided by the size of the basket or organizer box, which, by the way, should not be missing in a room decorated with shelves.


Wood is wood, right? It turns out that it does not always have to be used in natural colors. Wood is one of the materials that have excellent adhesion for painting or applying glue.

Therefore, you can use a wooden shelf for your bedroom and paint it the color that best suits your decor.

Also, a really cool tip is to paint the shelf in the same color as the wall, so you can achieve a unified effect where the shelf integrates with the wall, offering a clean and very harmonious result for the interior. By the way, this tip is very practical for small rooms.

French hands or invisible support

How is the shelf attached to the wall? have you ever thought about it So should. There are basically two very traditional ways to do this installation.

The first is to use good old-fashioned French hands. They can be either wood or iron.

However, if a retro or industrial look is to be brought into the bedroom, it is really worth relying on the French iron hands.

According to French hands, it is still possible to use invisible supports. They give the feeling that the shelf is floating on the wall, which is very cool in room decorations with a clean, modern, and minimalist design.


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