Ecomaya House by Seijo Peon Arquitectos y Asociados

Project: Ecomaya House
Architects: Seijo Peon Arquitectos y Asociados
Location: Merida, Mexico
Area: 8,352 sf
Photographs by: Manolo R. Solis

Ecomaya House by Seijo Peon Arquitectos

The Ecomaya House is a luxurious contemporary dwelling set in Merida, Mexico. It offers just under 8,500 square feet of living space inside the Yucatan Country Club. The design was carried out by Seijo Peon Arquitectos y Asociadosa studio whose work on the Aldea House project has already been showcased on our site. In similar fashion, the studio has completed this stunning home in a plot with a very particular geometry.

The location of the land is inside the Yucatan Country Club therefore has a very particular geometry.

The starting point to propose the scheme was to analyze the geometry, visuals and orientation of the property considering ventilation and natural lighting, as well as technical comfort.

The scheme proposes a 45 ° turn that closes completely to the west and opens towards the east taking advantage of the prevailing Yucatan winds and the prolonged view towards the golf course.

A large curved stone wall of the region protects the house from the strong solar incidence and becomes the characteristic element of the residence giving a sculptural aspect to the front facade and in turn contains the interior social area; which is conceived as a double-height space from which access to the bedrooms upstairs through a bridge and a staircase built into the wall. which makes a play of light and shadow thanks to a dome on top, in contrast to the opening to the terrace and the golf course.

For the roofs system of joists and vaults expanded polystyrene was used, which allowed to lighten the load of the slab making use less steel in the work, in the same way the use of this material helps in large part to reduce heat transmission inside the spaces.

In the case of the perimeter walls, an innovative product was used consisting of an isolated block (OMNIBLOCK) which, in addition to being 20 times more resistant to the passage of heat than a conventional concrete block with structural capacity. For the interior walls, the traditional block system with castles and columns was used where necessary.

Seijo Peon Arquitectos y Asociados


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