Eco Materials – How To Decorate With Bamboo

Its multiple properties and all-oriental fashion have made bamboo one of the star materials of the new deco trends. If you want to sign up for this new fashion, don’t miss our shopping, with proposals for the whole house, from furniture pieces to textiles and decorative accessories.

Many natural fibers fall in love with, but without a doubt, bamboo has been (and is) one of the most used in outdoor decoration. Bamboo pieces are common in gardens, patios, and terraces, achieving a melancholic and summery air, with a country and holiday flavor.

Browsing a decoration catalog without finding a proposal made with bamboo has become an almost impossible mission. And is that bamboo is a material with a long tradition in Asian countries, which in the West has also become one of the star materials in decoration.

But what is special about bamboo? Other properties are added to its aesthetic values, with a very natural look and its characteristic color pallor. The first and most important is that bamboo is a 100% ecological and sustainable material. Bamboo is herbaceous, which means that every year it sprouts again, even if it is cut down. In fact, it is the fastest growing plant on the planet! Did you know that it can reach 70 meters high? Besides, there is no manipulation, no processing, or chemical treatment that must be applied as with other materials.


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