Dynamic Working Environment for Generation Y: Aktif Group Administrative Offices

EDDA Architecture designed the new administrative offices of Aktif Group in Istanbul according to the expectations of Generation Y. the offices and social areas have been combined to provide a stress-free, dynamic, highly energetic and ergonomic working environment that meets a minimalist design.

Carrying out technology-integrated designs that carry user experience to the upper level with a focus on corporate identity, EDDA Architecture designed the interiors of the new administrative offices of Aktif Group, one of the leading companies of electrical and electro-mechanics sector in Turkey. Located in Umraniye, Istanbul with an area of 1,400 m², in line with the requests of the young and dynamic working team, EDDA Architecture has formed a dynamic, highly energetic and ergonomic working environment with a minimalist approach, by adhering to the corporate identity of the company.

Setting out based on the expectations of Generation Y, EDDA Architecture has exchanged ideas with the employees during the process in order to create an extraordinary and vivid office environment. In the design planned to drift away from the stress and intensity of business life, office areas and social areas have been combined. Preserving the lean design style, the dynamic atmosphere supported with color, cozy materials and interior landscaping has also been extended to the common areas, and it was aimed to create variety among the departments through the color differences that reflect the business character of the brand.

The energy enhanced by creating the meeting room of the Board in a circular form and the departments in various forms to be located within each other, has been supported by interweaving graphic works that are structured on the panels designed for the office walls and glass separators. These different forms have also been reflected on the ceilings and furniture to further highlight the three dimensional effect of the space in its entirety.

Design-Specific Lighting

Whilst designing all the departments separately in their own right, EDDA Architecture has aimed to achieve a transparent and flowing structure reflecting the contemporary working culture of the brand and used transparent glass separators at the office areas as well as the working, meeting, training and seminar areas of the departments and the social areas, allowing maximum day light in the working areas, and ensured greater employee comfort by way of such a spacious environment. On the other hand, the lighting design which bears the signature of EDDA Architecturehas become one of the most prominent elements in the project.


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