DIY Projects for Autumn

As we transition to the cooler months and the evenings start to get shorter, it is a great time to create a cosy nest at home. While spring might be the best time for a deep clean, autumn and winter are the time to make things cosy, warm and inviting. Autumn DIY projects can be a lot of fun. Between seasonal holidays and finding inspiration in autumnal colours, it is a great time to reconsider your interiors and take on some DIY tasks.

From autumn flower arrangements to repairing and redecorating, make the most of this time of year by completing some home decor and making autumn-inspired crafts. Flowers, plants and other greenery can truly make a statement in a home and make a great addition in the autumn months. Flowers such as lilies, chrysanthemums, roses and sunflowers all work very well in autumnal flower bouquets. Bringing the outdoors inside is a nice way to celebrate the change of season, no matter what time of year it is.

Getting Crafty

Making your home cosy for autumn couldn’t be easier. Adding a few simple accessories can help make your living room, kitchen or bedroom warm and welcoming. Small projects such as crafting an autumn wreath, knitting a blanket or crocheting some coasters will also let you get creative while adding that warm touch to your house or apartment. Some of the best home accessories for autumn include the following:

  • Blankets, rugs and cushionswill create plenty of warmth on your sofa or armchair. Knit or crochet a blanket and cushion covers for a personalised touch.
  • Candlesare perfect for creating a warm glow on cold evenings. Go for scented candles with aromas like lavender and bergamot, which will add an uplifting scent to the air.
  • Floor lamps and table lamps will let you customise the lighting around your house for a softer, more relaxing light in the evening times.
  • Autumn colourssuch as yellow, orange and terracotta all have a warmth to them. If you are repainting a room or upcycling a piece of furniture, consider choosing autumnal tones.
  • Decorate your walls with framed photos and prints. This is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to change up the atmosphere in any room.

Note that double-sided tape is a perfect product for DIY jobs. It can be used to hang pictures on walls or mount objects without the need for a hammer and nails. This is especially advantageous if you rent your home and can’t hang pictures, or would prefer not to put holes in the walls when hanging framed images and mirrors. It can also be used to hang heavier items such as mirrors, plus, it can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Seasonal Arts & Crafts

With celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas, this time of year is perfect for creating fun seasonal decor. Halloween decorations are particularly nice to make, especially if you have young kids. Whether it is creating pumpkin candle holders, a spooky window display, a halloween costume or a festive Christmas painting, getting the whole family involved is a super way to pass an evening, no matter how chilly it is outdoors. Once December rolls around, preparing your home for Christmas also offers the opportunity to create lots of DIY crafts. Adding decorations, fairy lights and holly to any room also goes a long way in creating that warm, festive atmosphere.

Other projects such as creating a centrepiece or making wooden candle holders are also great for this time year. There are lots of ideas for DIY Autumn decor projects available online. Search for the ones that inspire you most and get crafty. Collecting images of decor and DIY projects that you like is also a great place to start. Be sure to have all the tools and materials to hand before beginning any DIY project – there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through and realising you are missing a crucial component.


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