DIY Kitchen Facelifts: Fresh and Functional Faucet Designs for Today


If you had to list some of the top items that you use in your home, the kitchen faucet might not be the top, but that is because it is something that is so often taken for granted and overlooked.

The chances are though, that if you were to install a faucet in your kitchen that was highly rated by Faucet Assistant for example, you would definitely notice the difference and enjoy a fresh and functional design every time you use your kitchen.

So many different options

When you start to look at what is available, you will soon notice that there are a wide variety of different kitchen faucet models, all of which offer something different in terms of functionality and looks.

One of the more popular options these days seems to be a pull down kitchen faucet.

This kind of faucet is great for food preparation amongst other things. This is because it has a spray wand which allows you to pull it down into your sink when needed, so you can wash your vegetables more easily and thoroughly than just rinsing them under a fixed faucet.

Cleaning dishes and crockery can also be easier with a drop down faucet as you get the water exactly where you need it every time.

Other options include pull out faucets, wall mounted versions and even ones with built in water filtration system if you want it.

Clean living

The days of basic faucet arrangement are well and truly behind us and you can get a faucet to suit your particular needs and specific requirements.

Keeping your kitchen clean and free from bacteria involves making sure that you don’t transfer the germs from one surface or item to another. This can sometimes happen, no matter how vigilant you are, when you have to turn the water on using a handle while holding a food item or having just handled something like a raw chicken.

This is where hands-free faucets can certainly add a new and cleaner dimension to your food preparation routine.

You can get faucets that are activated by motion or touch, as well as ones that offer easier handles, for safer food handling and also to cater for a range of physical abilities, if you struggle with a conventional faucet handle.

Making the most of your sink space

One of the best ways of choosing the right faucet for your needs and lifestyle, is to think about all of the ways that you are likely to be using your sink.

If you are a keen cook and are constantly using a lot of bulky pots and pans that need washing up afterwards, you will want to choose a faucet arrangement that allows you to do that as easily as possible.

Something like a high-arc faucet can help you to get as much space as possible in the sink, if you don’t want a drop down or pull out faucet. If you are likely to be doing a lot of preparation, it might also pay to have a sink configuration where you have a bar prep faucet fitted to service a side sink that you use for this purpose.

Creative thinking

When you stop to think about it, you use your faucet a lot in the kitchen, so it also makes sense to use what is actually quite a focal point, for a number of different related tasks and services.

If you want access to filtered water, this is easy to arrange, and if you even want to incorporate a soap dispenser within your faucet arrangement to reduce clutter, this is also perfectly feasible.

Another popular choice these days, is to have a faucet that dispenses hot water whenever you want it. Filling pots with hot water or making a hot beverage becomes considerably easier when you have a faucet fitted that allows you to do just that.

Matching finish

It is easy to achieve a more unified look in your kitchen thanks to a wide range of faucets that are now available.

You should be able to select a faucet with a finish that matches your cabinet hardware. Functionality is obviously desirable and important of course, but add in the fact that you can find a faucet that meets your needs and is made of a material like bronze, stainless steel or chrome and nickel to match, and your kitchen makeover will tick a lot of boxes.

If you are planning a DIY kitchen facelift, start with the faucet.

Hi, my name is Doug and I’ve been in the kitchen remodeling and design business for many years, and decided it would be a good idea to explain where people can find the kitchen faucet they’ve always wanted. On my website, you will find some good, honest reviews about the various models of faucet I’ve decided to include.


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