Display Your Favorite Flowers In A Herbarium Frame

You like nature and invite it regularly in your decoration, only here, taking care of the plants takes time, the fresh flowers wilt and deteriorate quickly…

Choose a herbarium frame, to create a personal decoration, which exhibits stabilized plants with a unique play of transparency. We have unearthed 5 herbarium frames of all sizes and styles, which will easily fit into your interior!


This large glass frame offers you a splendid composition of dried poppies.

The transparency lets perceive the smallest detail of each petal, as well as in a bouquet. The golden metal surround sublimates this creation, delicately suspended like a jewel at the end of a chain. This wall decoration is made to order, in a traditional way.


With this double photo frame to pose, you can personalize your interior decoration.

The black brass outline will contrast with the vivid colors of the flowers and plants that you slip into it. Placed on a sideboard or a wall shelf, it can be transformed and moved as you wish. With its low price, do not hesitate to buy several for each piece!


Romantic, elegant, bohemian: so many adjectives come to mind at the sight of this small setting! The outline and the chain are in golden metal. Its vintage style is like the old medallions in which we found family photos. We like toF imagine it surrounded by natural wall decorations like a rattan mirror!

All that will be missing is a subdued light or a small garland, for a warm atmosphere.


Here is a trendy frame, handmade, offering a very original 3D effect!

It consists of a double glass pane surrounded by a light wood frame, itself embedded in a black metal structure. Inside is a thin fern leaf. Like a wall pot, it’s a good way to bring a little nature into your interior! Its wood and metal style will go perfectly with an industrial decoration.


If you need to frame larger flower arrangements, this frame will do you a favor. It displays generous dimensions of 27 x 35 cm, a metal frame with a matte black finish that supports a double glass. Locked up in this way, your works will be highlighted and hung on the wall, but certainly not frozen! You just have to open the frame to change the mood and let your creativity run free.

This frame is available in several sizes, to create a real green wall!


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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