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One of the cutest decorations of recent times is the canopy tent. But despite the current success, this accessory is not so recent. For centuries, the canopy tent has accompanied the decoration of rooms around the world. 

What is the canopy tent?

In the Middle Ages, the canopy was an accessory for the apartments of kings and nobles, which served as protection against insects and was also intended to ensure a certain degree of privacy. However, over the years the canopy has come to be viewed more as a decorative element than a functional one, although it can still be used as it was originally.

The fact is that the canopy has always had a more classic face, but nowadays the talk of it is different. The canopy tent received very modern versions and became the baby of dads and moms who set up the children’s room.

How and where to use the canopy tent?

Pay attention to the type of fabric

One of the first things to look at is the type of fabric that will be used for the canopy. If the accessory is used next to the crib, it needs to be breathable, light, and, preferably, anti-allergic, that is, the fabric should accumulate as little dust as possible to avoid allergy in the child. 

It is also important to observe the spacing between the weaves. A very open fabric favors the entry of insects, which is not interesting. Prefer the ones with the most closed plot. In this sense, fabrics such as linen, cotton, vòil, and tulle are always good options.

By the crib

The cradle is one of the favorite places for the canopy tent. In addition to making the little room super charming, the accessory is still very useful to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and even to help filter the light that comes through the window. 

When the child is older, the children’s canopy tent can be placed next to the bed. 








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