Discover Architecture Series For Your Inspiration

Who here is a fan of the series? Even better if it is design and architecture! It is no wonder that nowadays the architecture series has been the greatest success.

They cover a little bit of everything: from large and luxurious buildings to the smallest and most intimate, in addition to, of course, titles with decoration themes and even design battles. 

The architecture series is a great way to relax and distract your mind, not to mention that this can still be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge in the area and maybe even motivate yourself to delve deeper into this universe.


Architecture series on Netflix

It is impossible to talk about a series without mentioning the giant Netflix. She popularized the concept and currently has a rich variety of series on design and architecture in her catalog. Check out the ones that can’t be left out of your list below:

1. The most extraordinary houses in the world

The title alone gives you a good idea of ​​what this series is about. In two seasons, the series, presented by architect Piers Taylor and actress Caroline Quentin, visits homes around the world that are true architectural experiences, with unique and jaw-dropping designs.  

2. Abstract: The Art of Design

The inspiring series brings eight professionals dedicated to different areas of design, such as photography, illustration, and, of course, architecture. In each of the 14 episodes, these professionals demonstrate how their work influences the modern lifestyle. All based on breathtaking images.

3. Grand Designs

The “ Grand Designs ” series is for those who like to get their hands dirty and be inspired by people who do the same. That’s because the series features characters who ventured into building their own house, facing all the challenges and achievements of such a grandiose project.

4. Big Dreams Small Spaces

The “ Big Dreams Small Spaces ” series is not so much an architecture series as a landscaping series. But who doesn’t like a beautiful garden, right? Not to mention that a good landscape design values ​​any architecture, so…everything is more than right!

In this series, participants and viewers can see how to create and care for a garden from the ground up. 

5. The Great Interior Design Challenge

Those who are fans of reality will love the series “ The Great Interior Design Challenge ”. In it, participants are challenged to transform chaotic environments into beautiful, creative, and functional spaces. But, of course, all this in a short time and with little money.


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