Different Touch Of Deco In The Laundry Room

If glamor is not its first quality, the laundry room is essential in a house. Why? Because this room is entirely dedicated to laundry makes it possible to declutter the kitchen or the bathroom and to create a place where you store household products, where you install your washing machine, and where you iron clothes. Having a functional and practical laundry room is also the guarantee of a tidy house: no more laundry baskets in the hallways, no more ironing board lying around in a corner of the living room, or the drying rack that sits in the middle of the bathroom.

Choose the location of your laundry room carefully

For a well-appointed laundry room, you must already choose the best location. If our great-grandmothers tended to relocate the processing of laundry outside the houses, mainly at the bottom of the garden, the advent of central heating has brought the laundry room back to the heart of the houses. In the basement, the laundry room is perfectly placed. Thus located, the noises of machines that emanate from the laundry room will not disturb anyone, and the room is forgotten while being nevertheless in the heart of the house. You can also install the laundry room very close to the kitchen – adjoining, it’s even better – or the bathroom. In general, it is a small dedicated room.

The right layouts to follow for a laundry room

Who says laundry room says washing machine, dryer, sink… So you can’t install your laundry room just anywhere. It requires a water inlet and an evacuation of wastewater. This room is also rather humid, we try to install a window or a VMC to evacuate the humidity. We choose materials that are solid and resistant to humidity. On the wall, special paint for the parts of water, and on the ground, one prefers rather a tiling or a resistant vinyl ground.


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