16 Fabulous Contemporary Laundry Room Interiors That Will Surprise You

The contemporary home has made a name for itself thanks to its crisp and clean appearance. Many people think that is just the way it looks because of its minimalist take on details and accents but that is not entirely true. The contemporary home looks clean because of its design that focuses on elegance in practicality above all else. That is why the contemporary home looks so good. This approach is also observed in the service areas such as the contemporary laundry room which looks way too clean for a laundry room.

Take a look at these wonderful examples in our latest compilation of 16 Fabulous Contemporary Laundry Room Interiors That Will Surprise You. You need only a few moments to go through all of these contemporary interior designs but you’ll find out it is worth it. These designs will give you plenty of inspirational ideas that you could use to organize the laundry room in your home and make it look as clean as the contemporary bathroom. Enjoy!

1. Wallan Dwelling

2. The Idea House

3. Contemporary Laundry Room

4. Kamping Out

5. Allandale Ranch Renovation

6. Rouse St, Port Melbourne


8. Contemporary Laundry

9. Compact Apartment Laundry

10. Rickmansworth Property Development

11. Contemporary Laundry

12. Avondale

13. Forde Residence

14. Hidden Hills

15. Renovation project Sanctuary Cove

16. Contemporary Laundry Room


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