This Design Firm is Disrupting the Way You Interact With Interior Designers

In today’s world, technology is changing almost every facet of our lives. From the way we communicate with others, to the way we order food, and even the way we purchase basic household goods. However, a field that hasn’t been influenced as heavily by technology advancements is interior design. Traditionally, interior designers are limited by location to reach new clients, not to mention the interior designer process is typically seen as costly and time-consuming.

In light of this technology shift, one firm, Payton Addison Design Atelier, based in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California is thinking differently. Payton Addison, Principal at Payton Addison Design Atelier sees this shift as an opportunity to utilize technological advances to provide a better experience for clients. After all, those hiring an interior designer probably don’t have a lot of time to be involved with the small details of the design process. Payton Addison is an early adopter of new technologies in the interior design industry that is changing the way clients interact with interior designers.


One way Payton Addison Design Atelier is using technology to provide expanded capabilities to her clientele is through online design. Online design or E-Design is a method of designing a room in your home without an interior designer ever needing to step foot in your home.

The process starts with a brief questionnaire on the homeowner’s design goals and budget along with the measurements and photographs of the space. From there, a Payton Addison premier designer will hand pick materials, finishes, furniture, and accessories for the space that matches the taste of the homeowner and aligns with the overall goals of the home. This technique provides a way to for homeowners across the country to experience the top-notch service you expect from Payton Addison Design Atelier without exuberant costs of frequent travel.

A unique facet of Payton Addison’s E-Design is the way of sourcing materials and furniture. Through her 12 year tenure as a premier Orange County interior designer, Payton Addison has formed a trusted group of industry suppliers that surpass expectations and deliver exceptional custom furniture and accessories precisely to her specifications right in Orange County. Because of this, The Payton Addison Team is able to have their hands on every part of the creation process to ensure the end product is nothing less than perfect.


3D floor plan renderings help bring ideas into visual representations of the finished project. This technique is used throughout creative industries like architecture, real estate, and interior design. It provides the client a clear grasp of what the finished room will look like, from the furniture to the finishes before investing in the actual materials.

At Payton Addison Design Atelier, 3D Renderings are an absolutely crucial part of the client presentation experience. By using advanced programs like 3Dream, clients are able to get an extremely realistic perception of the proposed designs.


Virtual reality or VR is an immense technology discovery that’s shaking up how people live their everyday lives. There are dentist offices that use VR headsets to help patient’s pain and anxiety. VR headsets are also used in employer training programs to simulate potential situations in the workplace. And this is just the beginning. Virtual Reality alone is expected to grow into a  20 billion dollar industry by 2020. Today, VR is predominantly used within the specific industry, however, in the near future, it’s expected to expand to various industries.

Payton Addison Design Atelier knows VR is the future and is thrilled to bring that experience to her clientele. VR within the interior design space provides a way to not only view the completed project but experience it. Payton Addison believes this will revolutionize the industry by providing a way for clients to experience their new home design before a single piece of furniture is changed. Further, this affords homeowners the ability to nix certain design techniques before they happen, providing a more streamlined process and higher satisfaction.

The future is now and the technology is here, it’s all about the application. With Payton Addison Design Atelier’s sharp attention to detail, impeccable style, design know-how, and technology-savviness, Addison’s design firm is disrupting the industry one floor plan at a time.


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