Delta Faucet Kitchen: Everything You Should Know

Faucet is a must have hardware in every kitchen; it helps to wash fruits, vegetables, clean the used dishes, and many more things. An excellent quality and stylish look faucet not only enhances the beauty of your kitchen but also allows you to use it effortlessly for a long time. But the problem is, if you want to find a great quality faucet, you need to go a trusted brand because all brands are not reliable in the market.

Don’t worry; the delta faucet kitchen may be the next best faucet option for your kitchen. Because of their remarkable quality and excellent reputation are reaching them now the most popular faucet brand in the world. In this guide, we will discuss more about the delta kitchen faucet.

Why is Delta Faucet Kitchen Accessories So Popular?

Delta faucet kitchens are the kitchen of the future. It’s one of the leading home improvement products manufacturers in the world.  Leaving delta’s other products behind, delta kitchen faucet is going ahead.

Delta has first revolutionized kitchen faucets.  And today, their kitchen faucet is all the rage in Indian kitchens. They are popular among those who want their kitchen to be stylish and contemporary without compromising practicality. Delta faucet kitchens have become a popular choice for kitchen appliances that can add style to their home interiors.

Delta Brand History

Delta faucets are made with an excellent combo of modern features and traditional style. They have beautifully designed each product with the latest innovations keeping in mind people’s needs. Their motive is to manufacture modular, and most importantly, extremely easy-to-use home improvements products. Delta’s kitchen faucet is available in a variety of colors and designs. And best of all, it comes with an integrated dishwasher that can be installed in any wall without the need for additional plumbing work or holes. But if you don’t know how to do it safely you can visit the handyman guide. There you will find a full guide on how to install a kitchen faucet.

Delta was founded in 1929 in Detroit by Masco Screw Corporation. Armenian and Alex were the owner of Masco Screw Corporation. Their first invention was in 1952, one handle faucet, but that was not successful. Therefore, they improved it and released it again and get succeed. This company started its journey in 1954 as a subsidiary company, and in 1958 opened its own manufacturing facility. Delta’s biggest innovation was in 2011. They introduced touch20 and touch20.xt kitchen and bathroom series with touch sensors and gained lots of appreciation.

Why is Delta Faucet Kitchen So Popular?

Delta faucet kitchens are so popular because they are inexpensive, fast to clean, and have a very small size. The original design is not meant for use in the kitchen but in the bathtub or the shower. They have the same design as a regular tub but with a long nozzle that can be easily adjusted to your personal preferences. Let’s know some delta faucet kitchen features that made it so popular.


Delta uses high-quality, durable materials, allowing consumers valuable time by cleaning, especially the areas needing attention, such as the spout or different sink parts. Delta faucets are available in 3 types of bronze and five stainless varieties. Delta faucet is made with stainless steel or bronze to resist any material. And the performance in comparison to some other materials has no significant difference.

However, we should know that a cracked Delta faucet will make water leak and make your kitchen sink dirty more than ever before.


Delta kitchen faucet color is not best because they only have a few colors available in the market. Also, the finish is rubbed, polished, or brushed. Delta offers a variety of finishes eliminating shininess and leveling the porosity to provide sufficient wiping action with water on two sides, making it easier to clean up spills. However, Delta’s stainless steel material and technology make it a safe choice for every user. And we can see many different designs now also this will suit your needs.


Delta kitchen faucet is designed for home use, so it is not meant to be underwater, and therefore it has an anti-scald protection system that prevents overexposure water temperature between 60° and 180° depending on model (some models up to 200° degrees). Also, the faucet has an internal cartridge mechanism, so it is easy for routine cleaning.

You will get at least six models of this kitchen sink faucet for choose among delta 4 – 5 3/4 inch single handle replacement kitchen diverter stem, delta 11- inch single handle pull down kitchen faucet with sprayer, delta spout, 3.5-inch diameter x 2.75 long soft and pulsating aerodynamic hose by touch which is best for the medium size of the sink.

Handle Style

The Delta kitchen sink faucets come with a trigger handle, which unclogs the drain. And also, at the top of the handles is an overflow to let you know when it’s full and close off the stream if necessary. Considering the material, there are many different handles in Delta, including matte and brushed nickel items.

Delta has separate handles that lock in order to prevent overflowing. Also, Delta has many different types of drain, such as the pull-down and sprayer kitchen faucets. Delta faucet also has a rotary dial on the side of the faucet, which allows you to choose between spray or massage mode.

Spout Type

Delta offers three and 5-inch versions with a single handle height with all types of plumbing installations: counter, wall mount, or pull-out spray.

Counter Mount: Counter Mount is the most common style of installation where a single handle would be installed underneath an existing basin or under a cabinet sink. One more thing, it’s not meant to be submerged in water.

Wall Mount: Wall Mount is the most common installation, and it’s one of Delta faucet style because this type of kitchen sink has a single handle mounted on an after-market wall stud.

Pull-out Spray: Pull-out Spray is typically used in baths and showers to provide a spray head for hand washing or rinsing, but it’s not suited for sinks unless you plan to install an “instant hot water” option.

Touch20/XT Features

Delta touches 20/xt has a motion sensor to ensure the water gets turned off when they are not using it. With touch 20/xt, you don’t have to remember that the nozzle holder is low because we designed it with special telescoping prongs eliminating this potential problem.

Touch20/XT has a limit set on its high-temperature circuit which means as long as in position for 8 seconds; no water will flow out. It will automatically return to normal temperature, which can save some energy.

Touch20/XT has thermal overload protection to activate this function only if the water temperature reaches 158 o C in order not ruin the control board and electrical components inside. This can prevent the danger of power overload from happening.

Customer Service

Some people say that Delta faucets create noises after a few months of use. But Delta is offering a 50,000-hour warranty to protect customers against all defects within the lifetime of their product. Also, they offer onsite claims if needed in order to get any part replaced under repair or replacement program at no charge and with a minimum out-of-warranty labor charge of $59 for parts and service.

Final Thought

Delta faucet kitchens are great because they are easy to install, very cheap but still look much more expensive. Delta faucet products have a high standard performance and most modern features such as an instant-on or leak-proof system, make you feel comfortable when using it in the home.

Delta products look very different from any other brand. They are also known for their highly high-quality craftsmanship and perfect finishing possibilities, mostly made out of stainless steel. What more do you want in a kitchen faucet?


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