Decorative Ideas To Refine The Children’s Room

While they tire quickly as they grow up, the decor of the child’s room needs to evolve with them. Whether individually or together, colourful or monochrome, it remains a place of multiple life where small children sleep, work and play. Therefore, it is important to design it with the utmost care. If you are looking for decorating ideas for an 8-year-old boy’s bedroom or a little girl’s bedroom, here is a summary of our best ideas and advice to breathe new life into your child’s universe.

Decorating idea #1 for the children’s room: a beautiful bunk bed or cabin

Whether classic, vintage or applied inspiration, no matter how diverse the furnishing styles of the children’s room are, the bed remains the centrepiece and the choice of the right bed linen is essential. Inseparable, cot sets can be embellished with small patterns, delicate embroidery or a pretty coloured border flipped and changed according to age and season. Note that loft beds are also very fashionable, perfect to enhance the decor of the children’s room but also to create a cocoon that will be very appreciated by the little ones.

Decoration idea no. 2 for the children’s room: an original wall decoration

In the children’s room, the wall is transformed into a decorative medium that is as practical as it is playful! Dressing up a section of wall with lots of shelves or a bookcase is good, putting up a chalkboard to let the kids’ brightest ideas flow is even better. Paint part of the wall cherry red or liven up tropical wallpaper to liven up the atmosphere or even recreate colourful patterns, color cannot be missing in the children’s room, on the contrary, it is abused!

Decoration idea no. 3 for the children’s room: suitable storage

Like adults, toddlers need proper storage for their books and toys. For a tidy children’s room, choose storage that is adapted to the configuration of their room, but also their size and age. From 2 to 5 years old, choose baskets, lockers and small suitcases that can be easily slid under a bed or furniture. Stuffed animals should not be accumulated on shelves or the bed. Prefer closed storage to avoid the accumulation of dust.

Decoration idea no. 4 for the children’s room: carpets, curtains and pretty decorative objects!

More than welcome, decorative items of all kinds, are distilled throughout the children’s room. A pretty wicker basket, a vintage chair, a unique lamp, a geometric rug or a set of cushions to decorate a reading corner, there is no shortage of decorative ideas for the children’s room.

To give life to this space where your toddler grows up and learns to forge his tastes, mezzanine, contemporary, design or Scandinavian, here are our most beautiful photos of children’s rooms.

Here we have a selection of diverse kids’ room decorating ideas to help you make the best decision when it comes to giving your kids the room of their dreams:











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