Decoration Tips Over the Bertoia Chair

Despite the recent popularity, the Bertoia chair is already a woman almost 70 years old. And do you know this beauty? Do you know where it came from and who created it? So we invite you to this post to discover more about this piece of interior design.

Let’s go?

History and Origin of the Bertoia Chair

The Bertoia chair was born in 1952 under the skillful and creative hands of the Italian artist Harry Bertoia (hence the name of the chair). Harry was an artist who liked to walk in different areas of production and product creation, even working as a jewelry designer, sculptor, graphic artist, and, finally, as a furniture designer.

When Harry created the Bertoia chair, he wanted to build something beyond the aesthetics that prevailed in the 50s. He wanted a piece with personality, unique style, and, as usual, very functional. At the same time, Harry was invited to work for the architects Hans and Florence Knoll, founders of the iconic Knoll Associates, one of the largest design companies known.

Together, they arrived at the conception of what this piece would be: a chair made of iron, an unpopular material at the time, and with an even more unusual shape, the canvas. It was Florence who suggested that Harry use a wire basket of fruit as inspiration. The artist-approved the idea and what comes next, you already know, is history.

The Bertoia chair had just been born!

Bertoia Chair Characteristic

The original Bertoia chair was made of slightly rounded iron fabric so that it matched the shape of the body and was comfortable to sit on.

To make it even more functional, the artist used a small upholstered seat covered with leather. Shortly afterward, the Bertoia chair gained new versions, such as the Bertoia stool, where the only difference is the height of the feet, and the Bertoia chair, which received arms.

Bertoia Chair in Decoration

The Bertoia chair started to be more in evidence with the rise of industrial, Scandinavian, and minimalist styles. And you can understand why. The Bertoia chair has a clean design and is manufactured with materials that relate to modern decoration proposals.

So much so that even after 70 years it is still firm and strong as one of the most loved design pieces by architects and interior designers. In other words, there is also a great possibility that it will remain at its peak for the next 70 years. An investment that is far from being a fad.

The Bertoia chair can be used classically, composing the dining table or, even isolated in the living room, for example. The bedrooms are also a good place to display the piece. It can be used as a support, in place of the armchair or, next to a desk or dressing table. And speaking of a desk, also know that the Bertoia chair can be used in the home office or the study corner.

Another good space in the house for the Bertoia chair is the balcony or the garden, ensuring a modern and distinctive touch to the external areas of the house. To make no mistake, just choose the color of the Bertoia chair that best matches your decor. Nowadays, the chair can be found in a wide variety of colors, from classic white and black, to the most colorful, like yellow, red and blue. But if you prefer a metallic look, you can bet on the Bertoia chair in shades of copper, rosé gold, gold, or chrome.

Here are some inspirations on how to use the Bertoia chair in decoration:












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Author: Renata Kralevska

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