Decorating With Vinyl Records – Inspirations & Ideas

The use of recycling in decoration is an interesting alternative for those who like to reuse some old objects. The vinyl decoration, for example, is super hot and adapts to any space. It is possible to insert them into the environment in two ways: in a conventional way or by adapting it – that is, using it in its original form or transforming the item into some other piece.

If you prefer to reuse it, the LPs that are hidden in the bottom of the chest, for example, can be worked in several ways. A very nice way to reuse it is by framing the pieces in frames that can be placed on some wall to compose the decoration of the room. It is modern and cool!

The vinyl record refers to a more youthful style. If you want something more stripped down, opt for a vinyl composition on the wall in a distributed way. If the proposal is something more retro, the interesting thing is to make a corner with some furniture to support the pieces of vinyl next to the device.

Put this proposal into practice and get inspired by our 7 incredible references to enhance your home decor:









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Author: Renata Kralevska


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