Decorating Tips for Minimalist Bedroom

What defines a minimalist bedroom? Was it just a mattress thrown on the floor surrounded by white walls? It may even be, but the idea here is not limited to that. 

The minimalist bedroom is, above all, a bedroom that reproduces values ​​and a lifestyle, but without having to give up design.

Therefore, before wanting to decorate a minimalist bedroom, it is necessary to understand what is behind this idea and, only then, decide whether or not it suits you. 

Tips on how to get started

1. Reassess what you have

Did you understand the idea of ​​the previous topic? Then it’s time for the second tip. Start evaluating everything you already have in your room. 

What is important in your everyday life? Do you use it? Or is it just taking up space? 

For everything that has no function, consider putting it up for donation. This goes for furniture, decorative objects, clothes, accessories and whatever else you keep in your room.

Neutral colour palette

After detoxing your room, it’s time to start planning the decoration itself. 

And the best way to do that is with your choice of the colour palette. It is very common to see minimalist designs based on colours like white, grey and black around. 

Is that a rule? Not. But there’s a why. These colours are easily combined with any other colour and they never go out of fashion, like the colours of the year or the trend colours. 

That way, you don’t have to worry about refreshing your room’s decor every time a new colour comes out. 

However, that also doesn’t mean you can’t use brighter, more cheerful colours. 

But make those choices based on your tastes and not what’s in fashion. Thus, you guarantee an authentic project with personality, without fads.

4. Natural materials

Everything natural has value within the minimalist aesthetic. First, because the style talks a lot about the purposes of sustainability, and second because minimalism can appear a certain coldness and, in this sense, natural materials help to bring a greater sense of comfort and well-being.

5. Bet on textures

Natural materials and textures are pretty much the same things as minimalism. 

The use of materials such as wood, straw, wool, cotton, linen and ceramics, for example, fills the spaces with comfort and warmth.

6. Value pieces with design

Since you will save a lot of money by not buying superfluous items, you can then start investing in better quality pieces and furniture with a more contemporary design. 

The minimalist bedroom still has the advantage of displaying these pieces very prominently, since the few objects guarantee all the attention that these pieces need.

7. Functionality and comfort

The minimalist style is functional and comfortable par excellence. No wonder it was within this same movement that another very famous phrase was born in the world of design, said by the architect Louis Sullivan: “form follows function”.

The idea of the phrase is to express that every piece of furniture or decorative object has a shape that suits its use. Anything beyond that is ornament seen as unnecessary by modernists. 

Therefore, in the decoration of a minimalist room, it is very common to see furniture and objects with straight lines, without any type of accessory used only to “decorate”.

However, this tendency to value the functionality of things does not mean that the bedroom is no longer comfortable, on the contrary. A bed needs to be as much as it could be, within its function. 

8. For any type of room

Minimalism can be applied to any type of room, from children’s rooms to couples and singles. 

The important thing is to balance the aesthetics of the environment with the needs of those who will inhabit the space, be it a child, a teenager, a couple or an elderly person.

For this, we brought the following projects that bet on the style, check it out:











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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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