Decorating Tips For Having a Narrow Balcony

Narrow balcony have a solution? Yes! And this post here is proof that any corner can be well decorated, functional, and comfortable. After all, there is no narrow balcony that can resist the combination of good tips and a dose of creativity. 

So, come with us to discover how to make this magic happen and also be inspired by beautiful narrow porch decorating ideas.

Narrow balcony decorating tips


Ready to start planning your narrow porch decor? So, the first thing you need to start doing is analyzing the layout of the place. The layout concerns the configuration of the balcony concerning the general plan of the house. Where is she located? Most of the time, the balcony connects directly to the living room, but it may also have access to the bedrooms or the dining room. 

How is this connection made? Why sliding doors? to open? Sliding doors are the best choice for narrow balconies, as they do not take up space in the environment while they are open. So, if you can, substitute the port model to ensure a little more free space. And an extra tip: the bigger the door, the greater the feeling of amplitude and integration between spaces. 

Use of the place

How do you intend to use the narrow porch? It may be that your intention is just to connect it to the main environment, expanding it. Another possibility is to use it as a small gourmet area, with space to serve meals. 

It is also worth thinking about a space dedicated to relaxation or entertainment for children if you have children. For each of these features, the narrow porch will have to be planned differently. Therefore, it is very important to have this use well defined so as not to waste time or money on the decoration of the narrow balcony.


The first tip for decorating a narrow balcony, after you’ve defined its use of it, is to verticalize everything as much as you can. The more you can utilize the walls and even the sill, the better. A good example of vertical decoration is shelves and niches. In these elements, it is possible to place all the decorative objectives that you intend to exhibit, as well as plants, books, and other elements that will be part of the project. 

If you plan to use the narrow porch as a gourmet area, try installing a small overhead cabinet to store items and kitchen utensils such as cups, cutlery, and napkins. The important thing is that the floor is free and circulation is not compromised.


Nothing better for a narrow balcony decor than integration. That’s the only way to make this room look bigger than it is. For this, the first tip is to bet on the standardization of the floor, creating an idea of ​​continuity between the environments. 

Complement this concept by investing in a similar decorative style and color palette. 

Use plants

The plants guarantee a cozy, cozy, and intimate atmosphere for the narrow balcony. The trick to using them without clogging up the (little) available space is creating vertical panels and gardens. 

For this, bet on species such as bromeliads, orchids, ferns, boa constrictors, lumbar is, dollar, bridal veil, and boa constrictor, among other types of plants that can be grown in a suspended way. It is even worth using the shelves as support for the vases. The result is beautiful.

How about now check out the following narrow balcony decor ideas? Get inspired to make yours:











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