Decorating Ideas On How To Display Your Travel Memories

And if you ever lacked inspiration, we will give you ideas for arranging your photos .

A magnetic patchwork on the fridge

A rather fun idea is to print your photos on magnets and display them as a patchwork on the fridge or any other magnetic surface. At home, for example, they were displayed on the box of the electric meter, but they can also be on the front door.

Photo shelves

To display your photos as works or paintings, nothing better than printing your photos on high-quality paper or canvas and placing them on special photo mini-shelves or commonly called picture rails as they can do at Ikea. It is very easy to achieve and above all, what pride to put your most beautiful pictures there.

You also have the mini-shelves from Gluu that we have at home which also allow you to arrange your memories and change photos according to your tastes of the moment.

Make a wall of photo frames

The idea is to print your photos in different formats, frame them, and make a nice wall of frames with your travel photos. To have a beautiful harmony, we use the same types of frames, same color, and same thickness and if not for a mismatched effect, we vary the shapes, sizes, and colors! To mix with illustrations for a top rendering!

XXL poster

If you have good photo equipment with one of the photos in HD resolution, you can opt for large format photos! Like a pro, you will have an XXL version of your photos like a real art gallery. We stand for this idea. 

Hanging your photos

Using a string, a metal wire, or even with light garlands, you can display your travel photos as well as other souvenirs. This gives a fairly arty and poetic side, and above all, we can change the photos over the desires and moods that we want to give to the room. You can even print the photos as Polaroids!

If you like to DIY, you can make a real work of art and decorative object by hanging your photos.

A jumble

To extend the holiday spirit, we succumb to this bamboo jumble, light and airy. Its braiding takes the form of an XXL cane, perfect for displaying photos and travel souvenirs.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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