Decorate Your Home With Antique Furniture And Feel The Warmth

Antique furniture is everything in the decor. And not just in vintage-style decorations. On the contrary! These gentlemen go well in the most different types of decoration, including the most contemporary ones.

But before you go looking for yours, just take a look at the tips and ideas we’ve separated.

Be careful when buying old furniture

If you haven’t inherited an old piece of furniture, then the best thing to do is buy one. The best places to do this are at antique stores, bazaars, and used furniture stores.Β 

However, it is also possible to purchase online. But regardless of where you decide to buy your old furniture, it’s important to pay attention to some details.

The first one is to observe if there is the presence of termites in the piece. In addition to indicating that the furniture is compromised, these insects can still spread through your home, damaging other furniture, in addition to the floor and ceiling. So be very careful. Check for dust in the corners of the furniture and if it appears to have small holes on the surface.

Another important care is the smell of the furniture. Depending on the conservation, the furniture may have suffered from humidity and be full of mold and mildew, which can also compromise its quality.Β 

Care tips for old furniture

Old furniture, like new furniture, needs care. The first one is with cleaning. Use only a slightly damp cloth to remove dust. Do not use chemicals, they can damage the wood. In cases of more difficult stains, clean only with water and neutral detergent.

Periodically renew the paint or varnish, this way you guarantee the protection of the wood against the effects of time and also against insects. Avoid leaving your old furniture in the sun and rain. Remember that it is made of wood.

Check out these decoration ideas with old furniture now and get inspired to make your own:











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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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