Decorate Your Home Like The Bridgertons

According to Netflix, more than 82 million households around the world have already seen the adventures and misadventures of the first season of The Bridgertons, the period series produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is an adaptation of the novel by Julia Quinn that takes place in England in 1810 and whose decoration and style has captivated us.

The opulence of the Regency style

Much has been said about The Bridgertons’ wardrobe work, in which 7,500 pieces of clothing and accessories were made. But all that aesthetic opulence is also appreciated in the decoration of the palaces where the main families live. 

Long live the golden mirrors!

Gold is present in many of the environments that appear in the series. In the form of moldings on the walls, finishes on the furniture, and in many accessories such as carved mirrors and handmade air. So if you want to feel like Daphne Bridgerton in your home, don’t miss a golden mirror. You already know that we love to decorate with mirrors.

Without fear of color

Color is another of the great protagonists in the houses that appear in the series. In this image, you can see, for example, the differences in the treatment of the color of two of the main families. The Bridgertons above, much more elegant in blue and light tones, and the Feaderingtons, with more gaudy colors both on the clothes and on the walls, where they bet on the green. Learn to combine colors like a decorator.

And a lot of wallpaper

In a Brigderton-style home, the walls are not bare, so stick with the wallpaper craze from the 19th century. Of course, here the papers follow the same line of refined elegance as the rest of the decoration with many patterns, colors, and golden details. With these 50 wallpapers, you will give life to your house.

Many flowers and candles

Throughout the 8 chapters that the first season of The Bridgertons has, we see endless parties and celebrations attended by its protagonists. All of them have an exquisite decoration with great detail and there is never a lack of flowers, glass elements, and the magical light of the candles.

No plain armchairs and sofas

The Bridgertons also like prints, if they are floral much better, a very British motif as well. They are present in most seats that appear in the series. Also geometric motifs. And in this image, we see, for example, that the sofa has the pattern in the same colors as the wallpaper. Another trick that you can copy.

The moldings decorate everything

And speaking of walls. Another element that can not be missing is the moldings to give relief and elegance to walls and ceilings. We see them in the palace where Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, consort of George III, lives. So to copy the look of the most successful Netflix series, you can give life to the walls of your house with Orac Decor moldings that, in addition to being easy to install, can be painted. Do not miss these ideas to decorate with moldings and give your home a stylish look.

Velvet fine

If the Bridgertons’ wardrobe is full of organzas, tulle, velvet, embroidery, and feathers … the upholstered pieces that appear in the series could not be less. And velvet is undoubtedly one of the most present fabrics. Bright, elegant, and timeless, with a velvet armchair or cushions you will get a little closer to the Bridgerton style.


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