Decor Ideas You Might Have Stolen From Your Grandmother’s House

You may never have thought about it, but your grandmother’s house can be a tireless source of deco inspiration. Yes, that place where you lived unforgettable experiences with your cousins. The same one in which you entertained yourself by observing every one of its dishes, its glasses, and its deco accessories perfectly placed on it. That home to which you have returned so many times and that, surely, you have rarely looked with the eyes of inspiration.

Well, the time has come to recognize your grandmother for her wisdom and well-done when choosing furniture, pictures, and cushions for her home because after reading this article you will want every one of those pieces. Yes, in the same way, that you would turn to her for advice to fix a tear and a ripped-in a literal and figurative sense – or that you have succumbed so many times to her recipes, now you will do the same with her decorative taste.


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