Decor Ideas That Will Give Your Bedroom That Summer Look

The beautiful season turns out to be a good reason to renew the look of your bedroom. From June, the room gets rid of the superfluous of winter. In the closet, therefore, the duvet is covered in dark shades and the extra blankets. Forget the soft rugs on the floor and the quilts on the bed. The summer bedroom calls for lightness, it requires an exotic look. Bohemian folk, ethnic chic, colorful, clean Scandinavian, or tropical as you wish: the summer bedroom is a room where you escape in style… if you can’t go on vacation for an entire summer!

This summer bedroom should make you want to escape. Better yet, it embodies escape. In communion with nature, riveted on the outside, its atmosphere is conducive to relaxation, an emblematic activity of the summer season. To succeed in such a staging, we guide you with superb inspirations for summer bedrooms!

1. Yellow Stripes for a trendy bedroom

The arrival of the beautiful season is the perfect opportunity to renew your bed linen and match the summer weather. Make way for noble materials such as linen, light sheets, or light duvets for the summer. In terms of style, follow the example of this bedroom which relies on a beautiful yellow striped duvet cover. Two major decoration trends this summer that have the gift of refreshing this room dedicated to rest…

2. Summery wallpaper for the bedroom

If the summer bedroom particularly appreciates the white walls, it must however avoid the pitfall of an atmosphere that is too classic. Based on natural covering or touch of tropical wallpaper on a simple section of wall or as a headboard: the possibilities and combinations are numerous to give this intimate room a taste of elsewhere and an exquisite decoration that also surfs on fashion trends as well as very special favorites, such as in this bedroom with its effective mix&match!

3. Pastel Shades To Freshen Up the Space

In terms of colors, there are many possibilities for the summer bedroom, as long as they are of course granted! The presence of pastels, especially on the bed linen, will bring a pleasant breath of fresh air to the bedroom, an ideal feeling in a season when you need to cool down more than ever.

4. Cane furniture for a trendy summer bedroom

When the bedroom has to go into summer mode, it is not always a question of investing at all costs in new furniture. Just add a few small elements that will add character to the room, such as the essential cane headboard.

5. A welcoming bed positioned differently to enjoy the outdoors

If you do not want to invest heavily in this express makeover of a bedroom for the summer season, another alternative exists. All you have to do is move the furniture around to bring a little change to the space. To do this, position the bed towards the window so that you can fully enjoy the view of the garden. If you’re the type to have a desk in the bedroom, consider putting it out of sight once you’re in bed. Summer is the season for idleness, not work at all hours!

6. Linen bed linen for a refreshing bedroom

The summer bedroom favors light textiles. Lightweight sheets replace the duvet cover. Linen and its refreshing properties are essential. The veils dress the windows. The cushions accumulate on the bed or the floor for a room that invites comfort…


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