Deco Ideas For A Bathroom Around Wood

Wood has the ability to make any room much warmer. You can also use it in your bathroom to warm up the atmosphere and transform your bathroom into a small cocoon. Today, we, therefore, invite you to discover our ideas and decorating advice for using wood in the decor of the bathroom.

By installing imitation wood tiles or installing a new washbasin cabinet or even by accessorizing your room with a few objects, take a look at 6 inspirations to add a touch of wood to the room. decoration of your bathroom.

Imitation wood tiles for the bathroom

To begin with, it is on your floor that we suggest you play with wood in the bathroom. There are indeed many models of tiles perfectly imitating this material with the advantage of being water-resistant.

If you want chic and warm decor in your bathroom, you can take inspiration from this first example. Here, the wooden tiling provided warmth and was associated with gray metro tiles for a very successful mix of genres.

You can proceed in the same way but with a more current wall tile to create modern decor in your bathroom. we especially loved the achievement shown in the photo below.

Finally, as the bohemian style is particularly popular right now, we couldn’t resist the urge to present this latest bathroom to you. Here wood is omnipresent and has made it possible to create a very natural boho chic decor.

Choose a wooden bathroom cabinet

Do you want to change the vanity unit in your bathroom? Why not opt for a wooden model? Modern design, country spirit, vintage look, there are lots of solutions and we suggest you discover some of them below to inspire you.

For starters, we loved this bathroom in which the country chic style is clearly stated. Here, the pretty wooden washbasin cabinet created an elegant and natural atmosphere.

With its mineral and decidedly modern look, this second example should catch your eye. Here, the dark wood vanity unit has been paired with gray concrete. This combination will be perfect for those who want current and trendy decor in their bathroom.


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