Dare the black faucet in your kitchen

And if we dare the black faucet in the kitchen?

When we talk about the design of the kitchen, we focus on materials, colours, and furniture. But at first glance, we do not necessarily think of the small decorative details that nevertheless make the difference in your space.

Today we dedicate ourselves to the kitchen faucet.

The black faucet, that decorative detail makes the difference.

Often in shiny or brushed stainless steel, the current trend offers a very elegant alternative: the black fitting. With its contemporary style, it will give your sink a proud look while adding that certain decorative touch that is so sought after.

As far as maintenance is concerned, it is certainly more restrictive than a classic model, especially because of the traces of lime. But with the right products and regular cleaning, it’s not that complicated!

We find this choice very elegant. This brings a slight contrast while providing an eye-catching look. In addition, the black faucet also finds its place in the bathroom, for an equally impressive result!

Inspiration: a black faucet in the kitchen

If you are not completely convinced, we have selected the most beautiful kitchens with black fittings for you. You will see how much this element changes everything!

In this dark wood kitchen, the black faucet contrasts with the grey marble splashback and countertop. We love its ultra-minimalist lines!


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