Damavand Villa by Shirazian Studio in Iran

Project: Damavand Villa
Architects: Shirazian Studio
Location: Iran
Area: 4,628 sq ft
Photographs by: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

Damavand Villa by Shirazian Studio

The Damavand Villa is a luxurious, contemporary residence designed by Shirazian Studio on a mountain slope in Iran. The site overlooks a beautiful plain and has a potential for unlimited, unobstructed views which is what the architects wanted to achieve with their design of a three story 4,628 square feet home. They have also placed a large terrace that offers an expansive vista towards the southern side.

The site of this project is a field situated on a mountain slope, overlooking a beautiful plain. The desire to have a better view and also more building space in the small field lead to building up 3 floors above the ground. The neighborhood is a mix of small land division and so condense that blocks easterly and westerly sides of the field. Whereas, the northerly and southerly sides have the chance to offer charming proper views.

The cold climate and mountainous weather conditions pose a design challenge. So, a special consideration has been given to snow removal from the roof (to reduce the dead load tensions and protecting precipitation isolation), thermal isolation in the exterior walls, and accounting for higher efficiency of mechanical and water systems during intensive cold weather. For blocking heat being conducted through the floors, there are no voids or free vertical connections, despite the aesthetic preference of the architect.

A large terrace offering an expansive view was one of the main design goals facing the southeasterly direction which is the best side for viewing the garden city of Damavand. The height restriction of the sloping roof and having the optimum slope regarding the aesthetic and functional needs would have resulted in a height shortcoming in the terrace. In response to this problem, a mechanically inclinable sloping roof is designed that is also wind-resistant and economical.

The structure design with the slanted columns turned out to be challenging in that earthquake-prone region. It was also difficult to make the metal frame with its accurate pattern and to be simultaneously sealed.

Shirazian Studio


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