Create Your Dream Closet with These Modern and Functional Models

Organization inside the house is synonymous with practicality, comfort, and convenience. After all, having your own space to store clothes, shoes, and accessories is to make the environment more organized. The closet is one of the most difficult rooms to plan, as there is usually not enough space to install all the desired cabinets and shelves. However, contrary to what many think, it is possible to assemble your custom closet in a small space and in a simple, well-planned, and executed way.

For those who have a room that is not used inside the house – it can be a bedroom or a hallway – you can set up a closet separate from the bedroom. In addition to having more space, it is possible to store other items in addition to clothes, such as suitcases, towels, and bedding. A few cupboards, shelves, armchairs, and hangers are enough for a well-organized closet.

As for those who have a large bedroom, they can take advantage and assemble their own closet in the same environment. The hallway-style closet is a narrow model as it is hidden inside the bedroom, in addition to being practical and not interfering with circulation. For small rooms, the option is for the closet to be functional. Therefore, opt for sliding doors that take up less space. And an incredible trick is to cover it with a mirror, so this essential accessory is already included.

With little space, it is possible to assemble a modern, elegant, and personality-filled closet! Just be careful with the minimum circulation measures so that the space is adequate in your daily life. A hidden closet – mounted between the cabinet doors – is a cool idea for those who like a modern and current project.


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