Create the Perfect Nursery with the Dreamy Designs of Baby Cradles

All future parents dream of the day when their little baby will come to occupy his crib. And precisely, the choice of the cradle is the source of a thousand questions! Today we have unearthed for you the design cradle, perfect for welcoming Baby.

Design cradle as beautiful as it is cozy

For design lovers, decorating a child‘s room is a new playground. We discover new needs and put all our hearts into the layout that will allow our toddlers to flourish.

It all starts with the decoration of the baby’s room. A changing table, a pretty cradle: even if he won’t sleep there right away, it’s nice to get started on these preparations. More and more parents are also embarking on the Co-sleeping adventure and in this case, it is important to find a cradle that will be suitable for this period.

The dreamy design cradle is perfect for this. With its small format, it will be able to accommodate the baby from birth, in its own room but also in the parental room. Easily movable, it can then change rooms as needed.

We love the combination of materials: white terry covering for the bassinet and solid beech wood for the feet. One thing is certain: the Scandinavian cradles are considered to be the dreamiest cradles, looking like little nuggets that will give a lot of style to Baby’s room.


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