Create an The ideal Planned Kitchen With Counter

The concept of practicality and the use of space are two of the most critical factors that have attracted people to this kitchen design. It combines modern aesthetics with practicality.

Counters aren’t just the American style. There are other ways to incorporate this element into a kitchen. We’ll show you next.

Why bet on a planned kitchen with a counter?


The combination of practicality and modern aesthetics sets this kitchen design apart from other styles. It features a triangle-shaped layout.

The main elements of the environment, such as the sink, refrigerator, and stove, are arranged at the end of the triangle. This makes the kitchen more agile and efficient.

The use of the counter space is also significant when it comes to preparing food. It can be used for small meals, such as a snack. A countertop can serve as a replacement for a traditional dining table in small kitchens.

Fits in any space

One of the advantages of having a counter is that it allows you to serve both small and large kitchens.

The counter’s positioning within the space is also important. It allows it to meet the needs of the residents while still maintaining the circulation area.

In small kitchens, the counter typically has an L shape, which serves as a partition between the living room and the kitchen.

Large kitchen counters are often placed in the center, which makes them look like an island. It is important to remember that there is no universal size for kitchen counters, so you can always customize the one that fits your space the most.

One counter, multiple possibilities

A kitchen with a counter can be versatile enough to accommodate different types of cooking equipment. It can be planned in such a way that it only has a top for support, or it can be equipped with a sink and a cooking range.


The kitchen counter can be customized with various features, such as its color, height, width, and depth. Most models feature a hollow base that can be used to accommodate stools.

If you plan on using the space for storage, the tip is to utilize the part under the counter. This will allow you to create various compartments, such as drawers and shelves.

The countertop can also be customized. It can be made to follow a certain material or feature a different one.

Most kitchen counters feature a natural stone top, which can be either granite or marble. However, it can also come in various synthetic materials such as wood, stainless steel, and Silestone.

Modern design

The modern style of kitchen design is very important to us. This is evidenced by the various features that are included in the project. The integrated elements of this design are very important to us. They represent the modern style’s main characteristics.

It’s also important to us because it provides a dynamic and versatile space that can accommodate multiple people at the same time, something that other kitchen designs don’t.


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