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That a house is in a rural environment or that it is a weekend house, is not a reason for your kitchen to have more austere equipment or design than those in the city. In fact, contemporary country cuisine is above all functional, bright, and comfortable. Next, we give you 9 keys to update your rustic kitchen so that it looks in all its splendor without losing its essence.

In a country house, the environments can be updated with more contemporary formal concepts in which visual cleanliness, open spaces, and, above all, communication with the outside predominate. In the current context, when reforming a house in the country there are many options for designing and equipping it without totally disconnecting it from urban or rural life, since there may be cases in which it will be convenient to be attentive to these characteristics. of rustic homes to adapt to them, without forcing or disfiguring those original elements that are worth highlighting. We propose a few tips so that the kitchen of your country house is well equipped, comfortable, and acquires a more modern aesthetic.

Normally, in rustic environments, straight lines and orthogonally perfect spaces are not abundant. For this reason, it is sometimes convenient to take advantage of these irregularities to create a custom design. Recessed, holes in the wall or the thickness of a stone opening can be used to gain more space on the worktop, to embed the column of ovens or the refrigerator, place shelves…

2. Communicate it with the outside world. This is the big difference between traditional rural kitchens. Nowadays, the kitchen must-have natural light and views and, if possible, a direct exit to the outside, so that you have a place for meals close to the fire area. So don’t stick to pre-established rules and distribute freely. Perhaps the best location depends on an open kitchen approach so that the kitchen also enjoys good orientation and views. The best thing is to get into the soul of the building and design based on what is offered or hidden from us. The new appears when we open an opening and we find the landscape; then, the interior spaces widen and become cheerful. You will like to cook with the sunlight or have breakfast with your gaze fixed on the landscape. For that you have a house in the country, don’t you think?

 3. An image based on the use of opposites. This is another way of approaching your design, through opposites that balance and complement each other. It is a safer strategy than imitating or reproducing archaic formal languages. The textures of lime plaster or a brick wall, with this idea of ​​contrasts, are softened and made more plastic. This can be achieved, for example, by reserving an area in the kitchen to finish with a fine plaster or by choosing equipment with continuous quartz, porcelain, or acrylic stone surfaces. You can also do it by opting for industrial materials, such as stainless steel, glass, microcement, plywood … 

4. To choose the equipment, consider the measurements and shapes of the space. A very high room, or with sloping ceilings, pillars, irregular plants … everything must be taken into account and also these elements are the key to finding the equipment that best suits the environment. In a kitchen open to a day area, you have to find synthesis and equipment reduced to the essentials. In these cases, there will be more aesthetic conditions to take into account, since it is a comprehensive decision, in which other areas of the house coexist, such as the living room and the dining room.

If the kitchen is in a  separate room, you will have more freedom to focus on a purely rural style. In this case, it is where different pieces of furniture can best fit, instead of a comprehensive program of equipment to use,  that help you to assemble the kitchen according to your interest: place the sink under the window, the steel kitchen on another wall, accompanied by a powerful extractor hood, storage space, recycled furniture, workbenches …

5. Do it yourself. A rustic kitchen is open to mixing and also self-construction. Use wood that you have leftover from the renovation, recycle stones, old sinks, and taps, chicken wire, plates, etc. Create a harmonious and fun composition, ideal to carry out at a weekend home. In contrast, you can combine these elements with state-of-the-art appliances.


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