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A real refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, the country house is a bubble of fresh air in our daily lives. More and more Parisians are choosing this option to satisfy their desire for greenery and space. And what better than interior decoration to create a welcoming country atmosphere? In interior decoration, the charm of the old can quickly become an asset to create a warm and personalized atmosphere. You just have to find the right balance so that the rustic style finds its place in a modern way.

The charm of authentic materials

In a country house, there are almost always some authentic materials such as natural stone or solid wood. These two materials work very well together and prove to be easy to live with. For example, we can find exposed wooden beams on the ceiling; and stone on the walls.

Colors and patterns inspired by nature

When you love the outdoors, it’s easy to adopt colors that are inspired by nature. It can be a soft green for a bedroom or a deep blue for the kitchen. Neutral shades like off-white and beige will also find their place.

However, we will think about matching the colors with the existing materials to sublimate them rather than depreciate them. As for the patterns, they will be inspired by pretty countryside landscapes: cushions, curtains, bed linen or even wallpaper can be dressed in pretty flowers for a very poetic look.

Rustic furniture

What better way to breathe an authentic soul into places than real rustic furniture? Today, it is easy to find very beautiful nuggets, sometimes at unbeatable prices! Flea markets and garage sales will allow you to furnish yourself while adding charm to your country house decoration.

Country house decoration – the living room

In the living room, the country house style translates into large sofas, mottled furniture, pretty vases, and old paintings. We will also take care to dress the windows and choose the right lighting for soft and cozy evenings.

Rattan furniture is also welcome, do not hesitate to play on a piece such as a mirror, an armchair, or even a small storage unit.

A country house-style bedroom

The room lends itself perfectly to country-style decoration. You can opt for muted colors, very conducive to appeasement. And why not add bases? This detail will really make all the difference.

A country house-style dining room

A real meeting place, the dining room must be comfortable and welcoming. For a more cozy effect, you can also play on the paneling. Painted in a beautiful color, it will bring charm and cachet to your room.

On the furniture side, we will think of antiquing a beautiful old wooden dresser, but also a large table, medallion chairs and why not, a bench.

A country house-style kitchen

In a country house, the kitchen is often a beautiful playground. This large-volume room often has openings to the outside. To accentuate country-style decoration, the paneling can quickly become your best friend.

We can also add an old block for preparing meals or a farm table to meet up with the family.


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