Corten House by Costaveras Arquitetos in Brazil

Project: Corten House
Architects: Costaveras Arquitetos
Location: Jardins Munique, Goiania, Brazil
Area: 7,158 sf
Photographs by: Studio Ode

Corten House by Costaveras Arquitetos

The Corten House is a luxurious contemporary abode located within a private condominium in the Brazilian city of Goiania. It was designed by Costaveras Arquitetos and the design offers over 7,000 square feet of posh living spaces with a contemporary yet warm color palette that is illuminated by natural light. It also opens up to spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

Located within a private condominium in the city of Goiânia, Casa Corten was designed to meet the needs of a young couple with their young children. The first challenge was to overcome the steep slope: for this, we sectorized the house on 3 levels, determining their respective uses: level 1 (half buried) – garage / services, level 2 (ground floor being street level) for social use + level 3 (higher) to the intimate area.

From these premises came the volumes that mark the project. A large box of prestressed concrete houses the social entrance of the house. A horizontal corten steel panel stretches the front façade and opens to the main living room, which interacts directly with the balcony and pool, generating maximum integration between the environments. Two smaller boxes, which make up the suites and home office, intersect on the upper floor, generating fittings and swings that give movement to the whole.

We use, in certain sections, the metal structure as an aesthetic and functional solution: hanging over the pool, a large pergola works as a bridge, also helping in shading. On the upper floor, the metal pergola serves as a connecting element between the master suite and the home office, creating an intimate balcony of contemplation for the couple. Finishes like slatted concrete, corten steel, slatted wood, pebble stone… treat the facades in a subtle way, giving the house timelessness. The color palette is very neutral, helping to get furniture and decoration.

The landscaping is lush with very tropical foliage to provide privacy and protection for the pool. Concern about the sun was important. This appears on all facades, where we treat the opening panels with wooden trusses that serve as a filter for the afternoon sun. On the gourmet veranda, large brises soleil in corten steel sheets control the entry of the morning sun.

Costaveras Arquitetos


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