Coral Color in the Bathroom! Yes or Yes?

Why Put Coral in the Bathroom?

Before being a color, coral is still a marine organism. Seawater, water in the bathroom. Do you see the approximation? It is no more far-fetched than creating blue decor with small fish in this room. It’s even a little more trendy! In addition to the aquatic side linked to coral, it is a color that is warm, dynamic and that puts you in a good mood. It, therefore, has its place in the bathroom which is often considered a cold room. Coral, depending on the shade chosen, can be a feminine or neutral color. We will explain how to avoid having a girly bathroom. What is interesting is that this color is an alternative to the pink marked in France (and in Europe), like a girl’s color. We stay in warm tones.

How to Avoid an Overly Girly Effect in the Bathroom with Coral?

As we said just before, depending on the shade of coral chosen, your decor will be more or less feminine. The pastel coral tends towards pink. But it’s not the only shade available. There is also reddish coral. It’s less aggressive and more modern. If like us, you do not love red in decoration, you will have to play on the proportions to avoid an overly feminine atmosphere. A few touches of coral against a total look. It’s interesting when you are renting and you can’t put on the color you want. We then start on bathroom accessories and there, in coral, there is a choice.


We kinda like the alliance of coral and yellow, it is a warm and bright whole. It’s great if we are looking to create a vibrant and dynamic bathroom. Coral also harmonizes very well with aqua blue, a contemporary and young blue. This association of hot/cold colors plays on the contrast. If you are afraid that the β€œtoo many colors” will sting your eyes when you wake up, the coral is attenuated when it is associated with white and/or gray.

Look at the coral inspiration in the gallery ahead:








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