Contemporary Interpretation of Clinical Design by Iglo Architects

Project: Plastic Surgeon Dr. İlker Apaydın’s Clinic
Architects: Iglo Architects
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 2,690 sq ft
Photographs by: Courtesy of Iglo Architects

 Plastic Surgeon Dr. İlker Apaydın’s Clinic by Iglo Architects

Iglo Architects are a studio based in Istanbul, Turkey and they have submitted one of their latest projects – the Clinic of plastic surgeon Dr. İlker Apaydın. The doctor’s new clinic is located in Istanbul as well and it features a contemporary design that changes the standard perception of a clinic. This impressive design was achieved by using a variety of colors and fluid forms that connect the entire space, 2,690 square feet in total.

An affordable and impressive design from Iglo Architects created by rational solutions. Plastic Surgeon Clinic of Dr. Apaydin designed by Iglo Architects  is an effective and colourful way to re-interpret an existing plan to the clinic; is located in a 250 square meter apartment in Terrace Fulya, Istanbul. This impressive interior space was achieved just by the colouring on the walls, the graphical arrangements on the carpets and the design of several furniture and illumination elements.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Apaydin who founded the clinic, requested to the clinic has a style which reflects his personality and the job he is doing. The existing plan of the flat has 4 rooms and a lobby was suitable to function as a plastic surgery clinic without any changes on the plan. Operation room, consultation room, accounting and archives were designed without changing the plan.

The clinic which would serve clientele who value aesthetics should not be designed with an ordinary approach. The clinic should have an original, modern and smart design to reflect the taste of its clients and make them feel safe, secure and confident.

First task to do was to start a war against light blue and white which are standard surgery colors. Saying ’’Why not black?’’, Iglo Architests chose dark gray to be used as the main color from ceiling to floor.

On the ceiling and wall crossings they used a fluid form which implies the heartbeat. This graphical effect defined the style of the furniture as well. As no structural elements such as suspended ceilings were desired, ceiling and illumination details were both solved by using specially designed stretch ceiling lighting elements.

The only reason of the clinic’s design being that impressive and special is the painting on the wall, graphic design of the carpet on the ground and furniture and the lighting design. Economic and impressive design by clever solutions.

-Project description provided by the architects


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