Constructing Your Dream: Tips for Communicating Clearly With Your Custom Home Builder


When you decide to have your own custom home built it is always an exciting voyage of discovery and even when you end up with the house of your dreams, there are still things that you probably wished you knew about the process before you got started.

Custom house builders like Beazley Homes understand that this type of construction project is a new experience for many of their clients and communication is a definite key to a successful project and a trouble-free handover at the end.

A good working relationship

You will find that the vast majority of custom home builders are justifiably proud of the work they do and their reputation, so they want to try and make sure you enjoy a good experience with them as they work on turning your dreams into reality.

Establishing a good relationship with your builder is fundamental to a happy and harmonious outcome and when you consider that you will be spending a lot of time together over the forthcoming months, a strong working relationship is something both parties will benefit from.

Being able to communicate effectively what you want and understanding the builderโ€™s perspective when necessary are just two ways which you can positively influence the outcome of your building project and end up with a great result that you and your builder are both happy with at the finish.

Lines of communication

Building a home that you are going to be living in is going to involve an emotional attachment to the project for many of us and it is important to understand that there will almost inevitably be moments in the project where you have some questions or concerns that need addressing.

The best approach is always to be prepared to communicate your preferences in advance of work starting and while work is in progress, work with your builder to find a solution or fix to a problem rather than trying to apportion blame.

It is always worth taking the time to talk to your builder before work commences in order to tell them what aspects of the project are particularly important to you and what has less relevance.

This can make it easier for the builder to focus on getting the results that are particularly desirable and relevant to you.

Getting on with the job

Most professional builders appreciate and understand that you are the customer and they will want to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the work that they do for you.

Even though this thought is often never far from their mind it often pays to try and resist the temptation to interfere with the builder in the course of his work, so try to allow them to get on with the job you are paying them to do while they are on site during the day.

Obviously you will want to communicate anything that you are not sure about or want corrected, so establish a regular time for review or a method of communication where you both get the chance to observe how things are going and what issues need addressing, without interrupting the work schedule.

Customer service feedback

The professional standing and ability of your custom builder is obviously of paramount importance but it also pays to make some enquiries about their customer service performance.

Check out feedback from previous customers to see how happy they were with the builderโ€™s customer service performance. Look for aspects of service such as how they rate for follow through on items after the job is completed.

New house construction invariably involves a few issues and problems that can be addressed and corrected after you move into your home and start living in it, so you clearly want a builder who listens to your requirements and acts on them, before, during and after your custom build project.

It is always worth remembering that many builders grow their business organically and rely heavily on local reputation to find new customers, so customer service is something they often try to work hard at.

Taking pride

Professional pride also plays it part and many builders are rightly proud of their achievements and the quality of their work.

It is never a bad thing to let him know what he has done right and how happy you are with the work, if that is the case. We all like a bit of encouragement and a custom builder is no different.

If you are pleased with their work, tell them. It often results in them working harder to ensure your dream home becomes everything you hoped it would be.

Bill Beazley has been building new homes in the Augusta, Georgia, area since 1976. He has been recognized numerous times by the Home Builders Association as Builder Executive of the Year for the continuous contributions he has made to the development of the counties in which he builds new homes. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience, complemented by an experienced staff, Bill Beazley has the expertise, knowledge and commitment to make the purchase of your new home and the building process easy and satisfying.


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