Comfortable, Exotic And Warm Home Reminiscent Of The Middle East

A neutral style that evokes distant and exotic travels. Created based on noble and simple materials, which provide comfort and quality in each of its corners, the house is crowned with an exotic touch through a selection of furniture and decorative pieces from the Middle East. A natural homemade of trips that invite us to explore all margins through its charismatic details. To capture this dynamic and traveling spirit, the studio has combined decorative details acquired in local markets (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, India, Qatar, Spain, etc.) with the essence of a cozy and simple home. Space turned into the refuge to which every adventurer wishes to return thanks to the warmth of a design that is somewhere between the neutral and the sophisticated.

Soft colors and natural textures predominate throughout the home. If something was sought in this house, it was to find a warm, comforting interior design, one of those in which intimacy and relationships arise naturally. An imperfect and simple style that is enlivened in every corner and with which we can travel across half the world thanks to its furniture, many of them from the Middle East.

This rich and varied mix leads us to find exotic details such as Kenyan masks; Tanzania, Bangkok, and Sri Lanka, crockery and carpet from Afghanistan, a dining table bought in Dubai, the sofa from Qatar, the small pictures in the living room are original maps of the United States, the double bed is THE ONE suede tatami style or the toilets of Bali.

We cannot lose sight of other indigenous elements, bought in antique shops or local markets, such as the mirror in the master bedroom bought in an antique dealer in Madrid. In the corridor, we also find a wooden panel that is on the side of a reliquary from a Church of Burgos from the 18th century and the large-format paintings are the work of the Madrid painter Kastro.

The result of the interior design project stands out for an interior in which the traveling spirit of a young couple of owners has been recreated through the decorative eclecticism of the house. A home to lose yourself in its details and discover those regions that appear beyond our gaze. 

Intimate and cozy living room

The first thing that catches the attention of the house is the spacious living room in which a cozy and intimate atmosphere has been generated. Here, in addition to the XL-size sofa, an area for relaxation and leisure in the purest Arabic style has been created, consisting of a loft bed made on-site with numerous cushions, ideal for gratifying moments of family recreation.

A kitchen with an island in gray and black

With a daring and modern design in gray and black tones, the kitchen has been compartmentalized with cast iron and glass hardware made to measure with hidden rails in the floor and ceiling, in such a way that it can be left open or closed to the dining area as appropriate

Natural stone and bamboo in the bathroom

Natural stone is the main element of the en-suite bathroom shower wall. Its solemnity has been enhanced thanks to indirect lighting by wall washers, which simulates the effect of a skylight. In this way, the light vertically bathes the wall subtly and naturally. The bathroom countertops, made to measure, are made of bamboo wood.

Soft colors and natural textures

As we have seen, soft colors and natural textures predominate in the house. A decorative line that is carried over to all rooms. This is the case of the master bedroom, which has a large dressing room in a back room. A space that captivates for its simplicity and its design based on natural materials.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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