Clever Ideas To Connect Your Kitchen To The Living Room

If the kitchen opens to the living room and appeals to contemporary interiors for its functionality and its space-saving solutions, this design nevertheless requires a well-thought-out transition to bring harmony. Integrating the kitchen into the living room thus requires thorough reflection at the risk of sabotaging the arrangements undertaken. Install a central island, a canopy, or a bench, create dynamism with differences in levels and perspectives, play with color and floor coverings, review pictures of our best ideas to establish a dialogue between spaces, and connect its kitchen to the living room.

Structure the kitchen space

Like unstoppable common threads, beige and wood weave a skillful link between the kitchen and the rest of the living room. Framed by two original cast-iron pillars that structure the space, the kitchen adds a few touches of brass that counterbalance this beige bubble. The good idea? The cement tile floor links the two atmospheres.

Integrate the kitchen into the living room with storage

This is an exemplary achievement. Here, the kitchen takes place in a library which echoes that present in the living room. The technical corner is concealed from view on the right to the point of making you forget that it is a kitchen. Special mention for the noble materials such as oak and stone which greatly contribute to clearing the kitchen and therefore integrating it into the living room.

Connect the kitchen to the living room using color

This small kitchen connected to the living room does not have to envy its more generously sized counterparts. Perfectly equipped, these two spaces are linked by their wall color: blue “SC284”, Ressource. For more comfort and fluidity, a comfortable bench seat is leaned against the back of the bar. An example of optimization and harmony to copy.


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