Classic And French Style Sophistication In Your Home

Elegance, sophistication, warmth, or traditionality are some of the characteristics that mark the atmosphere of a classic style. Dining rooms and bedrooms that do not leave anyone indifferent with large pieces, antiques, armchairs, or sofas. A style in which objects and shapes are overflowing. Wherever glamor and good taste find their place among a combination of white and cream tones.

Many period films illustrate the classic style, with all that imperial dignity that belongs to it. A style that is normally associated with wealthy people, with preferences for established tastes; that is, those who bet on the traditional instead of minimalist or contemporary designs.

In this style, you must have a lot of space since the size of the classicist furniture and accessories is generally large. Even so, don’t lose sight of something very important in this style: harmony and symmetry. You must try to get everything together and aligned. No random structures. Remember that a classic style maintains order by being traditional and embellished.

We now show you some tips so that you can decorate your home in the classic style. Remember the importance of taking care of spaces, elegance, and a taste for the traditional.

1. Use of ornate details: arches, statues, columns

2. Predominance of white and cream tones

3. Parquet or marble floors

4. Light up your room with crystal chandeliers

5. A taste for the traditional with oak, cherry, or mahogany noble wood furniture

6. Place lush canvases and mirrors


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