Ciruelo 7 House by Warm Architects in Cancun, Mexico

Project: Ciruelo 7 House
Architects: Warm Architects
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Area: 1,668 sf
Photographs by: Cesar Bejar

Ciruelo 7 House by Warm Architects

The Ciruelo 7 House is a beautiful compact modern dwelling located in Cancun, Mexico. With just over 1,500 square feet of modern living spaces, the space in this house is distributed in three levels. The design was completed by Warm Architects and it aims to capitalize on the beautiful views offered by its tropical placement.

Ciruelo 7 consists of a residential living space of 155 square meters that displaces the altitude of the property by 7 x 15 meters. Located on the outskirts of the city of Cancun, Mexico, the architectural program distributes the space into three levels, including: living room, dining space, kitchen, backyard patio, storage room, four bedrooms, laundry room, service quarters, and a terrace.

The dense architectural program, the zoning of the area of the property, and the future colliding constructions permit a space of 7 x 9 x 9 meters with an interior configuration that prioritizes the quality of the experience within the spaces and the interior perspectives. In the interior, the double ceiling height visually connect the public program on the first primary floor with the private second floor. The core of the stairs creates a passage of selective views throughout the house, in the first floor out to the garden, through the first floor up to the double height ceiling space, and the second floor towards the private terrace where the light and natural ventilation endows the flow and movement of the stairs.

The primary façade holds a beautiful view towards the street with ‘Katalox’, a tropical wood, lattice covering the overhead space. The system that assemblies the fabrication through the local carpenters that control the natural light’s accessibility and the privacy of the interior.

Warm Architects


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